Human Hair Used as Ingredient in Pizza. D’oh!

According this fox news article on the human hair trade, human hair is used for a variety of things, including “it’s a common raw-material source for l-cysteine, an amino acid frequently used in baked goods such as pizza dough and bagels.”

It also, by the way, is being sold at Walmart and elsewhere as “SmartGrow”, used as a fertilizer and pesticide.  So growing tomatoes with human hair is unappetizing enough (give me that good old fashioned pig manure!). But as an ingredient in PIZZA? And BAGELS?

I want to know right now, if Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa John’s, Little Caesar’s and the others use human hair in their pizza dough.  (Not to mention McDonald’s bagels, etc).  The notion that millions of people are unknowingly eating human hair every day, as a deliberate ingredient, is astounding.

Now I’m sure people who sell the l-cysteine will tell you that it’s not human hair we are eating- it’s an ingredient taken from human hair.  So isn’t that still PART of human hair?  A piece of hair?   And how do we know some of the people selling their hair aren’t using Rogaine? Could we be EATING Rogaine? Will that grow hair on the tongue? Or  what if they wash their hair in tomato sauce? Could we be EATING tomato sauce? Grown with human hair fertilizer?

It’s time for “Hair Free” signs on labels and pizza boxes. Pizza lovers of the world UNITE! No More Hair! No More Hair!

(I’m glad I got that off my chest. (chest hair that is. I’m now selling it to I-cysteine makers It should arrive in your next delivery. Piping hot).,2933,320571,00.html

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2 thoughts on “Human Hair Used as Ingredient in Pizza. D’oh!”

  1. The Fox News article stated that l-cysteine is used in pizza dough, NOT human hair itself. This is a HUGE difference. I imagine l-cysteine is extracted from the hair by some type of chemical-digestive process. All in all, this is quite disgusting news which I do not believe many people noticed. I will no longer eat commercial pizza or bagels because of this.

  2. Me either . i am discusted with the thought of human hair in Pizza more commercial pizza for me!!!

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