Fucoxanthin: The hot new safe weight loss supplement, with the dangerous name

I’ll talk about fucoxanthin- a supplement that’s an extract found in brown sea weed, or kelp, in second.  But first, let me say that when I got my Master’s degree in Educational Pychology, with an emphasis on Teaching English as a Second Language, I took linguistics courses that explored various aspects of language, including pronunciation.   One of the things we studied was that- to use linguistic terminology- when a “u” has two little dots above it, that changes the sound  from the “u” sound in “hum” and “fun” to the “u” sound in “do”, “new” and “rude”.   Of course, we don’t use those cute little dots in English, in part because we can never figure out how to type them.  We just know which words are which.
But fucoxanthin is a new word, and potentially, a dangerous one to say in public.  And it will be being talked about more and more in public, because while fucoxanthin probably isn’t “the” miracle cure for good health, losing weight and healing cancer, fucoxanthin research studies are starting to suggest it just may be a near miracle cure for these things.

Researchers have long investigated why some Asian communities have such extended life and good health. Studies have found a few possible reasons for this, such as increased Omega 3 through higher intake of fish oil, and also, the cultural tendency to have much less sugar than we consume in the typical Western (and in particular, North American) diet.  But researchers weren’t convinced they had all the pieces of the puzzle. But now, they just might.  Fucoxanthin has been shown to cause mice to lose 5% to 10% of their fat, through shrinking their fat cells, particularly in the abdomin.  It also has been shown to inhibit the growth of cancer cells, and has antioxidant properties as well.  There are other health benefits too to this brown sea weed extract.  Fucoxanthin is poised to become the new “It” health supplement.

The problem? The name.  Fucoxanthin is a delicate word to pronounce.  It definitely begs for the “u” with the cute little dots on it, to be pronounced like “do”.  At least one supplement company selling fucoxanthin, Garden of Life, has gone so far as to actually add the dots on their product, “Fucothin”.  They are obviously doing their best to say “Hey, we are selling a fucoxanthin supplement- you can tell by the name. But please don’t call it fuc O thin.  Call it Fucothin with the cute little dots above the “u”.

Since Fucoxanthin is such a new supplement, people don’t know how to say it.  Why didn’t “Brown seaweed extract” catch on? Or how about this one: Brown Kelp.  Pretty damn simple.  The Japanese call this brown sea weed “Wakame”.  That’s pretty simple to say.  But Fucoxanthin?  And then for Garden of life to call their brown sea weed extract product “Fucothin”?  They are just ASKING for trouble…

So, the bottom line is, if you want to buy fucoxanthin supplements- give them a try. A friend of mine got a rash when she started taking 3 a day. I didn’t have any symptoms.  It’s too early to give a testimonial if it works or not.  But I can tell you it’s making my wallet lighter.   But when you walk into that natural health food and supplement store, practice before you walk in:  Do, shoe new, fu, fu, fu, Fucothin.  Lest you embarrass yourself and them…   Or better yet, just order Fucoxanthin online.  You usually pay about the same, even with shipping, and you don’t have to try to say this word.  
But then you still have to deal with telling your friends about it.  Either way, good luck talking about this safe new supplement (fucoxanthin is actually the substance that causes the pigmentation in brown sea weed or kelp) with the strange and dangerous name.

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1 thought on “Fucoxanthin: The hot new safe weight loss supplement, with the dangerous name”

  1. Fucothin is a waste of money. Science has actually found that while brown seaweed (the main component in fucothin) DOES have tummy busting benefits, you would have to eat it in very large quantities in order to reap any benefit. the amount in fucothin is too minute to even hope for any benefit. This was actually published in woman’s World magazine, who by the way quoted a source that had quoted Dr Weil, a longtime advocate of healthy and alternative methods, as having said brown seaweed in any form would be beneficial for this. This quote was actually a flat out misquote of Dr Weil’s statement and findings. your best advice? Save your money. Yet more empty promises playing on people’s wallets in hopes of the miracle cure. Not that none of us don’t desire that. If the miracle drug really had been found, none of us would be obese. the entire medical community would be shouting it from the rooftops, it would be all over CNN, the news, the front page of newspapers. But it hasn’t happened. Same thing with hoodia. Most hoodia products contain fiber, which fools people by making them think they are fuller because of the P57, when actually it’s the fiber. And they’re ripping people off left and right. your best alternative for that? buy some metamucil. It’s a lot cheaper and you’ll get the effect, minus all the unregulated stuff that goes into these miracle pills manufactured by factories that are NOT supervised by the FDA. Face it, people who make this stuff don’t have to answer to anyone, and they prey on those who are desperate, and also hope they won’t take the time, as I have extensively, to look into their claims, and dish out the dough. the same company that makes Slimfast is going after being the first to get ahold of the P57, so I’m not saying give up people…I’m just saying, you need to be a bit more thorough before placing your hopes and dreams in a bottle that contains God knows what. maybe one day there will be such a thing. Maybe one day that miracle pill will be found. Some even call that miracle pill Gastric Bypass…thinking all they have to do is have the surgery, and they’re all set. What they don’t realize, is when you have that surgery, not eating 100% healthy things could very well prove fatal. Ask any doctor and they will agree. you STILL have to eat healthy. So just admit, for now…the only tried and true “miracle” lies within each and every one of you. It is called your brain, so use it. Have you ever met a fat man or woman who ate healthy every day all day, and exercised too? I didn’t think so. No pill out there can change your body’s way of handling food and calories and exercise (or lack thereof). NONE. It’s the way you’re built, my friend. So use what the good Lord gave you, and get out there and start taking charge of your health, and your sanity, and your wallets. Spend that hard earned money on whole grains, fresh fruits and veggies, and lean proteins, and watch the weight fly off. Cause Fucothin isn’t gonna help you in any way, except give you false hopes and then discouragement. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it.

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