Wave Street Surfboard Review: How to Ride and what to know about the Wave Street Surfboard

 The Wave Street Surfboard is just like a snowboard, and a surfboard, and a skateboard combined. Its cool design makes it stand out from anything else you could ever see on a street.

 To ride the Wave, you simply get on it with a little push like a scooter. Then you swing your hips and this movement makes The Wave propel itself forward. So then you don’t have to push yourself along and you can stay on the board the whole time! The Wave’s unique use of two 360 degree rotating wheels enables this board to carve like a snowboard. When you lean in one direction, the front wheel instantly turns to that direction.

Almost a second later, the back wheel follows suit. With these two wheels you can also maneuver just as quickly and smoothly as if you were on a snowboard. The slightest move can send it soaring in one direction. So you’ll want to be very careful when riding The Wave. The use of two wheels on

The Wave also makes it feel like a surfboard. When you put all of your weight on your toes or on your heels, the wheels instantly head towards that direction; but the actual board will still face straight forward.

Finally, the Wave Street Surfboard is like a skateboard because you can ride it through the neighborhoods or any place that has concrete. This benefits snowboarders and surfboarders because they can “snowboard” or “surfboard” anywhere, anytime!

 Although the Wave Street Surfboard seems like the perfect skateboard, it does have ONE MAJOR PROBLEM: NO BRAKES! Even though this skateboard is designed to go fast down steep hills, it wasn’t designed to stop quickly; which is REALLY stupid. But there are only two ways to stop on The Wave. One: You could just wait until The Wave eventually slows down. Two: You could jump off, but this would be really stupid and painful. So think about it. Even though The Wave looks and sounds really cool; the fact that it doesn’t have brakes kind of makes the Wave dangerous.

 The Wave Street Surfboard is a really cool skateboard and feels good when you ride it. But I will say that to bring out the best in The Wave, you would have to put yourself in true danger.

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