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 There are many cool and fashionable phones out there. But one revolutionary phone stands out from all the rest: the iPhone. So far, the iPhone has been out for about five months and there have been many rumors about the iPhone. This iPhone review will give the whole truth about the iPhone and whether it’s really worth $400.

 The iPhone has many amazing features that will leave you in awe. One of those features is its multi-touch screen. With this screen, you can flick you’re your way through pictures, movies, music and much more! This screen allows you to manipulate things on the iPhone just as if you were really manipulating it in the real world. For example, when you’re looking at pictures, you can zoom in by putting two fingers on the screen and stretching them apart. Another big feature is its iPod feature. With this feature, you can listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere! In addition, Apple has put the iTunes store feature on the iPhone. So now you don’t have to wait until you’re at your computer to buy songs; you can just buy it straight from your iPhone! One more major feature of the iPhone is its internet browser. With this, you can of course browse the internet and check your e-mail. And of course, you can watch videos on YouTube simply by clicking the YouTube button. Another cool feature of the iPhone is the phone feature. Unlike other iPods, this one can call people and receive calls. Along with its phone feature are the normal phone applications such as the camera, contacts list, ringtones and much more.

 Sounds like the iPhone is perfect, right? Wrong! One bad thing about the iPhone is its service plan. In order to get the iPhone, you have to have AT&T as your cell phone company. Luckily, there are people who are able to make your iPhone work with other companies, but finding people to do that can be a real pain. Another bad thing about the iPhone is its memory. 8GB is seems like enough, but that memory runs out unbelievably quick when you use the iPhone to its full extent. One more major problem is its battery. It’s replaceable, but you’d have to send it into Apple so that they can get into your iPhone and replace the battery. And the procedure for this can take some time. 

 In all, the iPhone’s good qualities greatly surpass its bad qualities. The iPhone will make you look like you’re smart and well organized. And I’d say that it is worth your money.            

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