Review: The ipod Touch: My review of the very cool and elegant new ipod Touch

The iPod Touch is a revolutionary iPod. Based on the iPhone, this iPod is the coolest iPod out there. The iPod Touch is definitely worth your money!

 What makes the iPod Touch worth your money are the really cool features. One cool feature that the iPod Touch has is the multi-touch screen. Just like the iPhone, the screen on the iPod Touch lets you manipulate things on the screen just as if you were really manipulating the things in the real world. For example, when you’re looking at songs, you can flick your finger down and the songs will fly down the screen as if they were flicked away. Another cool feature of the iPod Touch is the internet browser. With this, you can view any website and of course watch YouTube videos simply by pressing the YouTube button. Even though this iPod is made for listening to songs, it is also designed to view photos. This feature is handy and lets you share your favorite moments with you friends anywhere, anytime! One more really cool feature of the iPod Touch is the iTunes store. When you use the iTunes store, you can search for songs, listen to a preview of any song, and buy songs straight from your iPod!

 In addition to the really cool features, the iPod Touch is slim and shiney. It is about 8mm thin making it feel like it could break any day. But actually it is very strong which is a helpful feature if you plan to carry the iPod Touch in you pocket. Its shininess also makes it look really fancy. When people look at it, they will see the shininess and think that you have a really nice iPod. Another cool physical feature of the iPod Touch is the scratch resistant screen. This is a really smart feature because it keeps your iPod Touch looking new and cool.
 So far, it seems like the iPod Touch is flawless, but there is one thing: the memory. Just like the iPhone, the iPod Touch only holds 8GB to 16GB. It sounds like a lot, but it goes fast when you use the iPod Touch to its full extent. For example, if you put videos, music, and other information such as notes on the iPod Touch, that’s like 6 to 7GB used already.

 The iPod Touch is definitely worth your money. It looks really cool, it’s just like the iPhone, and you don’t have to pay the monthly service. So if you’re looking for an iPod, the iPod Touch is the one for you.      

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