Loco Roco Review: Review of Video Game Loco Roco for PSP

 There are many games for the PSP. But one of the most unique and great games is Loco Roco. In this game, you’re a little yellow ball- like- thing and you try to go through levels of craziness to help save your world of peace. In every level, there are these plants that contain someone that needs to be rescued. You touch one of these plants and that someone who is in the plant becomes part of you. So each time you rescue someone, they become part of you and you grow. You do this in each level until you finish the entire game.
 One of the things that make this game so amazing is the physics that were programmed into the game. When you touch something in the game, your yellow ball person reacts just like a yellow water ball. The surface of the yellow guy wiggles and bounces making it look 100% real. Also, the setting of each level affects how your little guy moves. For example, if it is icy, your guy will slide smoothly along the surface. Plus, depending on the slant of the surface, your yellow guy will gain momentum. This is a great example of how the physics in this game make it seem very realistic. A little thing to keep in mind: to make it so realistic, the programmers hired a professional physics expert to help with this game. Another really good thing about this game is how fun it is. You could start playing it at anytime and end up playing it for quite a while. Its creative ideas and colorful display make it look very alive. To add to the game, the programmers also hid small things in each level that unlocks things in the game.

 Almost everything in this game is really fun and cool except for one thing: the music. Since the game is Japanese, the music is Japanese. The music at first will sound cool because it’s spoken in Japanese, but eventually, the music will drive you nuts! The annoying voices and sounds will soon be playing in your head all day long.

I haven’t yet found out if there are video game cheat codes for Loco Roco. There must be-there are for all video games, right? But I haven’t found them or been very interested in them. If you want to, just google “Loco Roco cheat codes” and you should find some (hopefully in English).

 Anyway, this Loco Roco game is really fun. The realism of this game makes it fun and enjoyable. So if you have a PSP, go and get this game!    

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