Review of Lego Star Wars 2

 Lego Star Wars 2 is a game that is based off the famous Star Wars movies. You play as famous characters such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Han Solo. Except there is one thing: everything is made out of legos! Every single object and person in the game is made out of legos which is partly why this game is so great.

 Many things in Lego Star Wars 2 make it a great game. The creative levels such as different planets on the game make it an enjoyable game to play. And each planet has unique creatures that you can interact with. For example, you can ride them to different places in that specific level in the game. Also, you can mix up the characters so that Yoda could have R2-D2’s head, and so on and so forth. But what really makes this game really cool is the lego influence. There’s nothing in this game that isn’t lego related. Literally! Even when you shoot someone in the game, they disappear and many small lego pieces come out of them; and you collect these lego pieces to buy cheats and other treasures in the game. Also, when you destroy things in the game, little pieces of legos come out of them. In the game, all the characters are made out of small lego pieces just like the real lego Star Wars toys. If you have seen the actual lego toys, you’ll see that the lego people in the game look exactly the same. One other thing that makes Lego Star Wars 2 a great game is the length. This game lasts for a very long time because there are many levels and each level is very long.

 In Lego Star Wars 2, there are hardly anything bad about it. The game is fun, but your allies can be really stupid sometimes. Rarely this happens, but an ally of yours could suddenly get stuck in a wall or they could refuse to move for no reason at all. In addition, there are some parts in the game that will prove to be impossible for a long time. For example, you could be faced with a lot of people and robots that greatly outnumber you. Although it does seem impossible, you’ll eventually get through it.

There are cheat codes for Lego Starwars 2, like almost every game. I won’t reprint them here but you can find them of course, by googling “Lego Star Wars 2 cheat codes”.

 Lego Star Wars 2 is a great game to play when you’re alone or with friends. It lasts a long time, so you don’t have to get another game for a while. Also, it is appropriate for all ages. So if you’re looking for a good game to play, get Lego Star Wars 2!    

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