Monopoly- Iphone App Review

iphone App review of Monopoly

One of the new apps that came out for both the iPod Touch and the iPhone is Monopoly Here & Now. This game is based off of the classic board game of Monopoly. In this game, you try to buy as many properties as you can such as London or Beijing. Whenever people land on your property, they have to pay rent depending on which property it is and how many houses or hotels you have on that particular property. The goal of this game is to own as many properties as you can so that you can try to run your opponents out of money. Also in this game are different things such as “Chance,” “Treasure Chest,” “Income Tax” and more. These different things either benefit you or take away your money, which makes this game more unpredictable and exciting.

There are many cool features in Monopoly: Here and Now. When it is your turn, you shake the iPod Touch or iPhone to shake the dice. This makes the game more interactive and fun. Like some of the other apps, you can play your own music while you are playing this game. What is really neat about this game is the 3D graphics and animations in this game. Every different player piece such as the car, or the penguin has their own unique way of moving along the board. The graphics of this game are very impressive. This game has many options that you can change to make the game more challenging or easier. You can change the starting money amount, you can pick the A.I. difficulty level if you’re playing against the computer, and you can turn off and on background music and sounds. Monopoly: Here and Now is a great game to get caught up in and it is definitely worth your money.

One of the things that I noticed about this game is that when you pick the difficulty level, the harder the difficulty level, the more likely the game goes in the opponent’s favor. For example, I picked an easy difficulty level and everything seemed pretty fair. When I chose the more difficult level, I would always land on the “Go to Jail” spot and I couldn’t ever get past until maybe 20 minutes later. Also, when I landed on “Chance,” or “Treasure Chest,” I would always be the one to pay something to other players or lose an enormous amount of money. In addition, the game seemed to always go in favor to the opponent so that they stayed with at least 10 million. When the amount dropped below that, the opponent would always roll the dice and get even more money by landing on “Chance,” “Treasure chest,” or the “GO” space. Throughout the whole game, the opponent never had to pay anything except when it bought properties. So I think that the options “unfair game,” and “fair game” would be more appropriate under the difficulty options.

Besides the game difficulty problem that this game has, I would say that this game is one of the best board games you can get for your iPod Touch or iPhone. You can get it at the App Store for $7.99. I would rate this game a 7 out of 10.

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