Touchgrind: Iphone App Review

Touchgrind is one of the many great applications that are out there in the App Store. It is a well made app that was made for those who like to skateboard and those who like to play with those little Tech Deck fingerboards. In Touchgrind, there is a skateboard which you can control by just touching the screen and moving your fingers. Just like in real life, you move your fingers as if they were feet on top of a skateboard and you can do ollies, pop shove-its, and many other tricks. You can even make up a few tricks if you can get really good at controlling the skateboard. The amazing app Touchgrind really shows what iPods and iPhones are capable of doing.

There are many good things about Touchgrind. First of all, the graphics are pretty good. The skateboard looks very real and the obstacles such as ramps and rails look as good as the skateboard. Overall, it does look like the creators or the designers did take their time to make this game look very good. Another good thing about this game is its performance. I’ve tried a different skateboarding app that did not do what I wanted it to do, but this app is sensitive and it picks up my every swipe and touch. I was able to easily do tricks and impress my friends. One last good thing about this app is that it is great for waiting rooms or something of that nature. Touchgrind starts up quickly allowing me to entertain myself whenever and wherever.

One small note that I want to add is that even though this app is just like those small fingerboards that you can get at toy stores, you DO NOT have to press down hard on the screen to make it work. This information may be common sense to some, but I’ve had some people who thought that in order for Touchgrind to work, they had to press down hard on the skateboard just like they did when they played with their toy fingerboards. One of those people almost broke the screen on my iPod Touch.

Although this is a great app, there are some things I do want to point out. The area in which you skateboard in is very very small. Many times I have found myself running into the fence that serves as the border of the skate area. So it is really easy to get tired of skating in the small area over and over. Another thing is that even though the skateboard is big enough to fit the screen, there is hardly any room left to show where you are going. There are icons that pop up on the screen to show you where everything is, but it still doesn’t help very much because it doesn’t tell you how far away you are from a ramp of a rail. There is a map option that you can choose that lets you see the whole park and where you are at. But the downside of the map is that you have to stop skateboarding to access it.

Touchgrind is a very good app for the iPod Touch and the iPhone. It entertains and allows you to exercise your fingers a little. The graphics are great and the performance is amazing. You can find this great app in the app store and buy it for $4.99. I would give this app 8 out of 10.

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