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Iphone App reivew of Guitar Rock Tour:

Guitar Rock Tour for the iPod Touch and the iPhone obviously originated from the famous videogames, Rock Band and Guitar Hero. In this app, icons go down the screen and you tap them when they reach the end line. For this app, you can chose from two instruments: guitar or drums. This app is very much like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. So this game is for those who have played the famous Guitar Hero and those who spend their life in a dark basement in their mom’s house playing Guitar Hero.

Guitar Rock Tour comes with some famous songs unlike Tap Tap Revenge that provides many songs which are either unknown or unpopular. Some of the included songs are: Beat It, In the Shadows, Girlfriend, Message in a Bottle, Rock You Like a Hurricane, Smoke on the Water, and many more. This app has many good things about it. The background as you play is fully animated and fun to watch. Also, the songs are fun to play along with. This is the only music app out there that lets you play with some popular songs. Just like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, there’s a Quick Play mode and a Career mode. The quick play mode lets you instantly play with any song that you have unlocked. The career mode lets you go song by song and unlocks each song after you completed them. This game has good graphics and is one of the best music games out there.

Although this game is cool, it does have its downsides. First, it crashes very often. Crashes can happen just as you start the app or while you’re playing it. These crashes can prove to be annoying and in some cases, if an app tends to crash a lot, it might harm the iPod or iPhone software. So be careful. Second, the notes on the screen and the music sometimes get out of sync. It quickly goes back to normal, but this could mess some people up and annoy them. Third, Guitar Rock Tour is just way too expensive for the limited things that this app does. It did start as $9.99, but has dropped to still an expensive price of $5.99. One more downside of this app is its number of songs. 17 songs are not enough to keep the music player entertained. But because this app is not on a disk or something of that nature, this app will not be able to hold very many songs even with future updates. The app would become too large and it would soon grow into huge mess.

Guitar Rock Tour is a really good and well made music application. But its constant crashes and lack of songs make it less popular. This app had its first release in November 2008, so it still has a good chunk of problems that could be later fixed. So my recommendation is to wait for future updates before you purchase this app. Save your money. Check out the App Store every once in a while and see if this app has gotten any better. Don’t buy it unless you have a lot of money to burn.
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