Guitar Hero 2 Review: A review of the popular video game Guitar Hero II.

Almost everybody has heard of Guitar Hero 2. A lot of people have it. But for those who don’t have it and want it, this Guitar Hero review will definitely help you decide if you really want it.

 Guitar Hero 2 is basically a videogame with a guitar shaped controller. In the game, you play songs like: Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas. And while you play the songs, you have an audience and you try to impress them by not messing up. It’s like American Idol except it’s a guitar version. Oh, by the way, the Guitar Hero 2 cheat codes will not help you play perfectly.

There are many good things about Guitar Hero 2. The songs on this game are fun and exhilarating. Most of the songs are recognizable once you hear them; making it much more fun when you play them. Also, the clever way the programmers timed the button pressing with the song makes you feel like you’re actually playing the song. But don’t get too caught up in it. You don’t want to start dancing or anything because then you’ll really look stupid. The sound quality of the songs are very impressive. When you listen to the song itself, it sounds like a great sounding CD.  In addition, Guitar Hero 2 is very, very addicting. Once you’re playing it, you suddenly have the urge to play more and more and more! Often, when people plan to play Guitar Hero 2 for 10 minutes, they end up playing it for 30 minutes to an hour.

 But not everything about Guitar Hero 2 is perfect. While the guitar controller looks cool, it does wear out quickly. After you play it for a certain amount of time, you will notice that the buttons need harder pressing to work. This will make your fingers feel quite tired. Also, the strum bar (you push it down to play a note) isn’t as affective after a while. Soon, some of the notes played on the guitar will not show up in the game and you’ll lose points. This proves quite an annoyance after the first few minutes. Plus, if you need a new guitar, it’s $40. That’s a lot of money for a controller.

 Guitar Hero 2 Cheat Codes

If you are looking for Cheat Codes for Guitar Hero 2, they do exist and they do work, but they aren’t all that great, and they are complicated and difficult to use. You can find them online, but in my opinion Guitar Hero 2 cheat codes aren’t worth it.
 In all, Guitar Hero 2 is very good. Its songs are decent and good sounding; and it’s definitely a really great game for parties. Furthermore, Guitar Hero 2 is suited for all ages. There’s nothing too bad in this game.
 Well, I hope that this review gave you a pretty good idea of what Guitar Hero 2 is like.           

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