God of War 2 Review and Cheats info: A Review of the Video Game God of War 2

 First there was the God of War game; a game that was filled with bloody violence. Then there came God of War 2; a continuation of God of War. When it came out, many were excited and eager to play the game. But for those who have played the first God of War and not the second, this God of War 2 review will surely help you decide if you really want to spend your money on this game.

 In God of War 2, you are Kratos, a person doomed to serve mythological gods by killing other people and making sacrifices. You fight mythological creatures and find your way through the Roman city. In God of War 2, you also have to find hidden objects that help you on your way to more killing.

 God of War 2 has many good characteristics. Its graphics are good. They are not the best, but they are decent. Also, the violence in God of War 2 is huge! Everywhere you go, something tries to kill you. And when you kill people, there are many ways you can do so. You could rip their body in half, you could break their neck, and you could tear their head off. All of those ways to kill people make this game what it is. Another thing that makes God of War 2 great is the insane combos. In the game, you can press combination of three specific buttons quickly and your character does this insane movement with the Blades of Chaos or any other weapon that he has. One thing that makes this game pretty cool is the use of mythological creatures. The creatures of this game are actual creatures of mythology. So if you’ve learned about mythological creatures in school, you will recognize all the creatures in God of War 2; and when you recognize the creatures, it makes this game a whole lot more enjoyable.

 God of War 2 also has its bad side. While you fight people and creatures, you also have to find hidden objects or secret rooms in the game. Finding these hidden things can sometimes take a very, very long time; and sometimes it will take hours to figure out how to do something simply because you missed something that was hidden. This can be very frustrating after a while.

God of War 2 Cheats and Codes
Like most video games, God of War II has codes and cheats that can be used to do a lot of cool things. I don’t yet have access to all the cheats and codes, but by the time you read this, you should be able to google “God of War 2 Cheat codes” and find some.

 In all, God of War 2 is a very good game. It provides hours of entertainment and creative fun. And it’s also very violent which makes it a very popular game. So yeah, it’s worth your money.

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