Comparing the Playstation PS3, Xbox 360 and the Wii

There have been many new game system releases this year. There’s been the Sony Play Station PS3, the Xbox 360 and the Wii. But which one is the best? Well, this review will give you a pretty good idea of where each game system stands.

 One of the new game systems is the PS3. An idea created by Sony, this game system made the world think that a revolutionary game system was about to be released. Much hype was put behind this system making it the coolest to-be thing in the world. But when it finally came out, people started looking at it with disgust. After only a few days, the PS3 began to show its bad side. Many people were upset about the way it performed, the fact that it had no cooling fan, and the price of $599. Pretty soon, the PS3 became a dud in the gaming world.

 Another new game system is the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. This system also had much hype put behind it. But unlike the PS3, the Xbox 360 lived up to the hype. People were amazed at its unbelievable graphics and smooth movement on the TV screen. People couldn’t believe its amazing gaming abilities. Also, the Xbox 360 came along with very good games. These games displayed the gaming ability that the Xbox 360 had and impressed everyone involved with games. The Xbox 360 was a great success.\

The third game system to come out was the Wii. Created by Nintendo, the Wii was one of the first game systems that required people to actually move around some. To play the Wii, you hold the controller like a baseball bat if you’re playing baseball and you swing like you would as if you were really playing baseball. And if you’re playing tennis you hold the controller like a tennis racket and so on and so forth. The Wii gets up off of that couch and gets you moving. But the Wii does have bad graphics which made some people turn away from it.
 Well there you have it; some information about each game system. Which one is the best? Well, most people would say the Xbox 360 is, followed by the Wii. But I will say that the PS3 is a complete waste of money and a really bad game system. So don’t get it.  
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