Review: Comparing PSP to the PSP Slim: Review Sony PSP Playstation Portable

 In 2004, Sony released a new portable game system called the PSP (Playstation Portable). Gamers everywhere were eager to get their hands on this PSP that cost $250. But in 2007, another version of the PSP came out. Why? Because Sony believed that the PSP needed an upgrade. But which one is really the best PSP? Well, this comparison will sure help you think about which one is the best.
 The original PSP that came out in 2004 was big and bulky. Its game discs were somewhat big for a portable gaming system and the memory cards held up to 1GB. Although this seems like a waste of money now, it wasn’t then because that kind of technology in 2004 was pretty impressive. But some of its technological features are still impressive today. The graphics on the PSP are pretty impressive for something that small. The colors are well displayed and most of the time, the movement on the screen is smooth. Picture viewing on the PSP is also pretty good. The pictures are clear and well displayed. Another cool feature that the original PSP has is the movie player. Even though the screen is small, it displays movies clearly with none of that pixel stuff to mess up the picture quality. One more feature of the PSP is the internet browser. With this browser, you can anywhere on the internet. But you can’t do e-mail or videos on the web.

 The PSP Slim that came out in 2007 is similar to the PSP. Its picture quality and smoothness during gameplay is the same. It has the ability to browse the internet, but just like the original PSP, it doesn’t do e-mail or videos on the web. What’s different about the PSP Slim? Well if you haven’t figured it out yet, the PSP Slim is very thin compared to the original PSP. This thinness makes the new PSP feel like weak plastic. If you ever get a chance to hold one, you will instantly feel like you’re about to break it. Also, the Wi-Fi switch and the memory card compartment were moved towards the top on the PSP Slim. On the original PSP, people were complaining that because the Wi-Fi switch and memory card compartment were placed too low, they were messing up the switch and accidentally opening the memory card compartment.

 In conclusion, the original PSP is the best PSP so far. Its impressive performance and portable feature makes it the best portable system so far. Its graphics are good and it has many good characteristics. So if you don’t have one, you might want to think about getting the original PSP.       
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