Movie Quotes from Looking for Alibrandi: Quotes from the movie Looking for Alibrandi

she’s eating her spaghetti with a fork and spoon…what a dickhead!!

1.Josie, get back in the car!
2.Fuck your driving, your a shit teacher anyway!

1) I modelled that Dress once, i was going to buy it but i found something better. 2) It’s a good thing you didnt it needs to be held up in the right places.

1. I want something with cops and robbers – my kinda stuff 2. sorry, morons from outa space isn’t showing

1. my dad’s a cop and he’ll kill u 2. no he’s not he’s a barrister

1. what is it with wogs 2.stupid bitch least i’m not a bastard
(Whack with book)

1.She’s lying she doesn’t have a father.
2.Yeah that’s right. I’m the immaculate conception and my mother’s the virgin Mary.

1.the westies go with the westies, the wogs go with the wogs, and the north shore go with the north shore, see look at me and mario we’ve been together 4 almost a year now, coz we come from the same stock

a whoop whoop ka-boom

at st marthas its all about money prestiege and what you father does for a living

be angry or rude but dont u pretrent im not here.

But I am what I am, and all I want…is freedom.

Dear Guinness Book of World Records, I’ve just been on a 10 minute date. Is that a record?

Dear Guinness Book of World Records, I’ve just been on a 10 minute date. Is that a record?

for the rest of my life i wanna no what they do with the sheets. maybe they will burn them or maybe they will scrub and scrub the blood away so that they can sleep on them for the rest of their lives

Fuck you bitch wog mother fucking asian currymuncher gay little fucker

Give me a bucket

he was retarded!?

i just get the feeling your waiting for something better

I swear the phone companies would go broke if it weren’t for the Italians

i wanted to be apart of his world but i dont belong there, god he didnt even belong there, i dont belong newhere and i hate it

I’d die if my mum died!

I’d die if my mum died…nah you don’t die, you just get really angry and then after you get angry you get sad and then you remember something that she did or said and then you laugh instead of crying

I’m going home with the wrong boy! I’m going home IN A PANEL VAN?!?!!?

I’ve done my stint at FBA

if i could be anything other than what i am, i want it tomorrow. If i could be what my father wants be to be, maybe i could stay for that to. If i could be what you want me to be, i would want to stay. But i am what i am and all i want is freedom.

ive never had to go out with an ethnic girl.. well if where slummin it ive never had to go out with an anglo before..

john had to die to achieve his. i’m living to achieve mine

Oh it’s so sad. his Mum died and he has no one to sew for him.

One than did i realsie how much a hug meant to have someone hold you in their arms could be the greatest medicine of all

Telstra would go broke if it werent for the Italians!!

There’s alwaya nonnas spy ring. It’s the biggest and most thorough in the Southern Hemisphere. It usually takes them anywhere between 18minutes and 2days to get back to her. You know once it only took them 12 minutes because 3 of nonnas CIA operatives were in the same house having a bessima party. Phone companies would go broke if it wasn’t for the Italians!

well sister, you said at the end of last year that we should bring in examples of material that insults our intelligence(looks at karli) and Everything in this magazine insults our intelligence, i mean, do you think there concerned with wether were good christians or not, theres articles like do you love your sex life, or does size count, and let me assure you sister, there not refering to his height!

what is it with u, now ur father thinkz we need him around, he’ll never leave now

Why can’t something go right for a change? I know it sounds like I’m always complaining, but please God, don’t let me be a loser.

You make me puke!

You people should go back to your own country if you’re so confused!

you wipe your nose on your sleve, you get into fights with aspiring models, your perfect for me, why are we such a disater together?

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