Movie Quotes from Looking for Mr. Goodbar: Quotes from the movie Looking for Mr. Goodbar

–Teaching’s a waste of time. I’m writing a novel.
–Isn’t everybody.
–Getting divorce too.
–Isn’t everybody.

ah yes…LOVE!

All boys..all perfect

Confession may be good for the soul, but it’s bad for sex.

Don’t ask me to stay until tomorrow.

His & hers towels, his & hers vibrators….

I’m alone. I’m not lonely.

I’m depressed – you’re depressing me.

It’s just that I can’t stand a woman’s company right after I just fucked her…

Katherine: Here lies love – and lies and lies and lies

Theresa: (giving Tony some money)Here, go set the world on fire.
Tony: what, on a couple of lousy bucks?
Theresa: find a smaller world

Theresa: get this into one of your 2 heads…

Theresa: I am alone, not lonely

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar’: Quotes from the movie ‘Looking for Mr. Goodbar’

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