Movie Quotes from Anastasia: Quotes from the movie Anastasia

)Young man,where did you get that music box? You were the boy,weren’t you? The servant boy who got us out. You saved her life,and mine, and restored her to me. Yet, you want no reward. 2)Not anymore. 1)Why the change of mind? 2)It was more of a change of heart. I must go

…….Once upon a December…..

1) I bought you a dress. 2) You bought me a tent! 1) What are you looking for? 2) The Russian circus, I think it’s still in here!

1) I do recall his yellow cat! 2) I don’t believe we taught her that

1) Pooka! We’re go’n to Paris! 2) The dog stays. 1)What do you mean the dog stays? They dogs’ going.

1) She certainly has a mind of her own 2) Yeah I hate that in a woman

1)She’ll freeze in here 2) She can thaw in Paris

1)You made faces and terrorized the cook. 2)Threw him in the brook. 3)Was I wild? 2)Wrote the book!

1. Here, I bought you a dress. 2. You bought me a…tent.

1. I do have a clue. 2. I know. ‘Together in Paris’. So, you want to go to France to find your family, huh?

1. Oh, look here. The drawing you gave me. 2. Yes. Olga made me so mad. She said that it looked like a pig riding a donkey. She was right.

1. Peppermint? 2. And oil for my hands. 1. Yes. I spilled a botlte. The carpet was soaked, and it forever smelled of peppermint. I used to lie there on that rug, and, oh, how I missed you when you went away. When you came here. To Paris.

1. Rasputin! 2 (mimicking). Rasputin!

1. Tell me, child. What do you see? 2. I see a skinny little nobody with no past and no future. 1. I see an engaging and fiery young woman who, on a number of occasions, has shown a royal command, equal to any number in the world,and I have known my share of royalty. You see, my dear, I was a member of the Imperial Court.

1. There she is, Master, all asleep in her little bed. 2. Pleasant dreams to you, Princess. I’ll get inside your mind, where you can’t escape me.

1. They’ve eloped! Isn’t it romantic? It’s a perfect ending. 2. No, it’s a perfect beginning.

1. Vlad, do you see what I see? 2. No…yes. Yes.

1. What are you looking for? 2. The Russian circus. I think that it’s still in here.

1. Young man, where did you get that music box? You were the boy, weren’t you? The servant boy who got us out. You saved her life, and mine, and you restored her to me. Yet, you want no reward. 2. Not anymore. 1. Why the change of mind? 2. It was more of a change of heart. I must go.

1. Do you think you’ll miss it?
2. Miss what?! Your talking?!

1. You saved her life and mine, then you restore her to me, yet you want no reward.
2. Not anymore.
1. Why the change of mind?
2. It was more a change of heart.

Anastasia: Dimitri if we mkae it through this remind me to-

ANISTASIA: well I don’t know, I mean it’s kinda hard to imagine yourself as a duchess when you’re sleeping on a cold, hard floor… but sure, yeah, I guess every lonely girl would hope she’s a princess.
VLAD: And somewhere, one little girl is.

Are you trying to tell me that you think that I am Anastasia?

Be grateful, Anya. I am grateful. Grateful to get away!

But we would never be together in Paris, for a dark shadow had descended upon the house of the Romanovs. His name was Rasputin. We thought that he was a holy man, but he was a fraud.

Considering how long you’ve been dead, you look pretty good.

Dimitri:if we make it through this…remind me to thank you!

Gentlemen, start your teaching.

Go. Fulfill your dark purpose. Seal the fate of the Czar and his family, once and for all.


Heart dont fail me now, Courage dont desert me, dont turn back now that where here, people always say life is full of choices, no one ever mentions fear, or how the world can seem so vast, on a journey to the past. Somewhere down this road, I know someones waiting, years of dreams just cant be wrong, arms will open wide i’ll be safe and wanted finally home where i belong, well starting now im learning fast, on this journey to the past. Home, Love family, there was once a time i must of had them to,home love family i never will be complete until i find u ,one step at a time,one hope than another, who knows where this road may go, back to who i was, on to find my future things my heart still needs to know, yes let this be a sign let this road be mine, let it lead me to my past and bring me home at last.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. This is for Dimitri…this is for my family…and this, this is for you. Dosvedonya.

I know. All men are babies.

I’m begging you please, please! Forget the girl and get a life!

If dead things come back to life, it must mean…Anastasia’s alive…and that’s her.

It’s one, two, three, and suddenly, I see it at a glance. She’s radiant, and confident, and born to take this chance. I taught her well, I planned it all, I just forgot…romance. Vlad, how could you do this, how will we get through this, I never should have let them…dance.

Look what ten years have done to us. You are a beautiful young woman, and me, a rotting corpse.

Men are such babies!

My music box. To…to sing me to sleep when you were in Paris.

Oh, Anastasia. My Anastasia.

Oh, great. A dog wants me to go to St. Petersburg. Okay, I can take a hint.

Oh, I’ll get a life, Bartok. Hers.

On the wind, Cross the sea, Hear this song and remeber.Soon you’ll be, Home with me, Once upon a December.

Princesses…don’t marry kitchen boys.

Sir,you’re on your own.This can only end in tears.

So many lives were destroyed that night. What had been was now gone, and my Anastasia, my beloved grandchild, I never saw her again.

Stress. It’s a killer sir.

sure, blaim the bats. we’re easy targets

That means our Anya has found her family. The heir to the Russian throne.

That’s what I hate about the government. Everything’s in red.

That’s why I’m stuck here in limbo. My curse is unfulfilled.

There was a boy…a boy who worked in the palace. He opened a wall.

There was a time, not very long ago when we lived in an enchanted world of elegant palaces and grand parties. The year was 1916, and my son, Nicolas, was the Czar of Imperial Russia. We were celebrating the 300th anniversary of our family rule, and that night, no star burned brighter than that of our sweet Anastasia, my youngest granddaughter. She begged me not to return to Paris, so I had a special gift made for her to make the separation easier for both of us.

This place. It’s like a memory from a dream.

Three days ago, I didn’t have any past at all, and now I’m trying to remember an entire lifetime.

we’re going to a party?!

Well, this is our stop!

Whatever you choose, we will always have each other.

Why are you circling me? What were you, a vulture in another life?

wow! I’ll tell you what wow!!!

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  1. i love Anastasia its the best annimated movie ever!!!!!!!!!! i recommend you to see it. for once Anastasia literally defeats Rasputin because she is strong, firery and brave. My favorite songs from themovie are : in the particular order: #4 is; In the dark of the night
    #3 is; once upon a december
    #2 is; journey to the past
    #1 is; At The Beginning by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis

  2. i love this movie tooo…….. i love once upon a december and in the dark of the night best soing that the villian sings i aslso love AT THE BEGINNING FROM RICHARD MARX AND DONNA LEWIS

  3. I LOVE THIS MOVIE ITS THE BEST MOVIE OF ANNIMATED FOR SURE I LOVE THE FACT THAT anastasia is firey and brave to defeat the evil rasptin . did you know its based on a true story tottally cool also part of my ancestors were from russia as well. okay my four favotrite songs in the movie are: in the dark of the night, journey to the past, once upon a december and my absoulute #1 favorie is Richard Marx and Donna Lewis song AT THE BEGINNING

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