Movie Quotes from Anatomy of a Murder: Quotes from the movie Anatomy of a Murder

–Hey, you’re not splitting the scene? I mean, you’re not cuttin’ out?
–No, I’ll be back.

–How can a jury disregard what it’s already heard?
–They can’t, Lieutenent.

–Wanted the big ten. They got the ten best-dressed dames. The ten top teams, the ten top tunes, and now the ten most wanted.
–Don’t knock it. That’s the American dream. Those boys made the grade.

1/ Barney Quill was……
2/ Was what, Miss Palante???!!!
1/ Barney Quill was my father!!!!!

1/ What’s your legal excuse Leiutenant, what’s your legal excuse for killing Barney Quill?

1/_I need a new typewriter… the F and the P don’t always come up. *PARTY OF THE FIRST PART* comes out *ARTY OF THE IRST ART*
2/_ *arty of the irst art*??! I kinda like that… It’s got a ring to it

1/_Mr. Paquette, what would you call a man with an insatiable penchant for women?
2/_A what?
1/_A penchant… a desire… taste… passion?
2/_Well… a ladies’ man, I guess. Or maybe just a damn fool!
3/_Just answer the questions, Mr Paquette… The attorneys will provide the wisecracks.

1/_Your honour, the defence notices a third person at the prosecution’s table, we were wondering if the court shares our curiosity as to just who he is?
2/_I was just about to introduce him,… Your honour, this gentleman is Dr. W. Gregory Harcourt. Dr. Harcourt is the people’s pyschiatrist in this case, we ask that Dr. Harcourt be allowed to sit at our table as an observer.
1/_Well, what are you gunna have him observe, the constellation of Taurus, or the life and times of a bumble-bee???

12 people go off into a room… 12 different minds, 12 different hearts, from 12 different walks of life; 12 sets of eyes, ears, shapes, and sizes. And these 12 people are asked to judge another human being as different from them as they are from each other. And in their judgment, they must become of one mind – unanimous. It’s one of the miracles of man’s disorganized soul that they can do it, and in most instances, do it right well. God bless juries.

Arty of the irst art?

Distinguished Gentleman.

Gin!… I knew there was something wrong with that guy. I never met a gin drinker yet that you could trust

How do you like this, Polly?… a genuine Picasso print

I dont think I need a girdle….. do you think I need a girdle???

I remember hearing shots. But they didn’t seem to be connected with me. They seemed far away…like somebody else was doing the shooting.

Mr. Biegler, you finally got your rape into the case, and I think all the details should now be made clear to the jury.

None but the lonely hearts shall know my anguish.

Now listen, this is a cross examination in a murder case, it’s not a high school debate, what are you and Dancer trying to do, railroad this soldier into the clink!!!


The Michigan Supreme Court did accept irresistible impulse.

The unwritten law’s a myth, Lieutenant. There is no such thing as the unwritten law.

There are four ways I can defend murder. Number one, it wasn’t murder. It was suicide or accidental. Number two, you didn’t do it. Number three, you were legally justified like the protection of your home or self-defense. Number four, the killing was excusable.

There’s only one thing more devious than a Philadelphia lawyer, and that’s an Irish lawyer.

This is a sore point, Mr Beagler, and it’s getting sorer!

Want a beer for the dog?

We’re hooked like the frog.

You do it again and I’ll knock you out into the middle of Lake Superior!!!!

You don’t have to love him. Just defend him.

Your Honor, I don’t think I can dignify this…creature…with any
more questions.

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