Other Funny Signs From Around the World

Funny Sign on a Train in India
“Submitted by Paul P.”

Erin Brockovich Screwed My Dog Skip
(I never saw that movie.)

A sign in a children’s play park in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for an inflatable slide. Sign in a children’s play park in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Thanks to Marc de Beer for sending this pic.

funny school crossing sign

Hmmm, each letter looks right but something doesn’t add up.

funny signs

I guess it’s all about supply and demand…

funny police picture
I think I’m feeling a little flush.

Aisle sign in a Chinese grocery store:

Caned Fruit
Caned vegetarian
Caned Fish Meat
Dried Meat Floss

Price sign on clothes rack:

Used Sweat: y2900

On a cash register:

Sorry. We can not change.

On a fire extinguisher in Calcutta, India.

Cease Fire.

Large sign in front of a nursing home in Tiawan:

Fat Ho Nursing Home.

Sign at a small health clinic in Chile:

If you see a woman laboring, go to a hospital right away!

Sign in parking garage:

Please get a punch at window.

At a laundry:

Push button. Foam coming plenty. Big Noise. Finish.

No Smoking Signs

Please do not fire your smoker here!

Please unlight all lighted cigarettes before inhaling beyond this position.

A tourist sign at a French chateau meant to keep tourists from trespassing into the master bedroom:

Please do not invade Madame’s private parts.

Signs on trash cans in an amusement park in Osaka, Japan.


Notice for pregnant women at the Public Health Center in Joetsu City in Niigata Prefecture:

You’d better begin your sexual intercourse after the delivery after the one mouth check-up with a doctor.

From a sign at a university in China:

The following behaviors are perhibited
in Pastrol Education Area-
Do not be naked and other unbehaviors.
Do not litter the trash around.
Cars and bikes are not allowed
to enter this area without permission.
Do not bring dangerous stuff.
Do not follow the instruction on using these facility.

9 thoughts on “Other Funny Signs From Around the World”

  1. Some pretty funny signs here… Some of them i’ve heard and seen before, but some are new. Keep it up.

  2. L…o…L…Lol!!!!!!!do not Iron?
    what abowt;
    this sign has sharp edges do not touch the edges of this sign

  3. Concerning the Fire-Extinguisher you saw in Calcutta, Cease-Fire is the brand name…Not an instruction. You’ll find Cease Fire fire extinguishers all over the country.

  4. I loved the signs but i agree with mattew i’ve heard of sharp edges and wondered why it wasn’t there. There is also a sign in China that in chinese means NO BEING ON GRASS but when they translated it it became NO LIVING ON GRASS and to make things simpler the chinese wrote ALL PEOPLE MUST BE DEAD ON GRASS

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