Moving and Motion Optical Illusions



These are really cool amazing moving optical illusions that make some people dizzy, sea sick or nauseous. They give people motion sickness because they trick the brain into believing there is movement where there shouldn’t be, and as the brain tries to re-orient, it actually causes more disorientation. Most of these images were created by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a professor in the Department of Psychology, at Ritsumeikan University, in Kyoto, Japan. His website is Some of these cool dizzying illusions work best if you look around the outer edge of them or see the illusions peripherally. Others work better if you look straight into the centers, and other illusion images and pictures work best if you move your eyes around the illusions themselves.

WARNING: You can get VERY nauseas VERY quickly looking at the motion and movement illusions on this page. It will wear off in a few minutes if you stop as soon as you notice it and leave this page. Good luck!



abstract lines illusion



abstract shapes illusion



black white abstract illusion



boatrace optical illusion



cogwheel optical illusion



colored square illusions



dizzy effect illusion



folding shapes illusion



maze optical illusion



moving candies illusion



moving peanuts illusion



moving spiral illusion



moving spirals illusion



moving tire illusion



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