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Optical Illusions & 3D Images

Distance Faces Optical Illusion

    This is one of the coolest illusions ever! Look at these pictures up close. What do you see? Then move several feet away from the monitor. What do you see now?             Page Topic: Faces Optical Illusion: The face changes depending on your distance.    

Long Bridge Optical Illusion Picture

    This is a really amazing photograph of a railroad track bridge. Is it an optical illusion, or just a really cool visual experience? Just slowly scroll down and imagine yourself there. A little wind, the smell of hot tar, and maybe if you are a thrill seeker, the sound of a train whistle [...]

More Really Cool Illusions

    Optical Illusion #81: An armadillo rises from the fence.     Optical Illusion #82: Camouflaged piglets are safe from their mommy tiger.     Optical Illusion #83: The image looks like a man’s head from a distance.     Optical Illusion #84: Can you count how many faces there are in this picture? [...]

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