Weimaraner Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Weimaraner Dog breed

Cute Weimaraner Puppy The Weimaraner breed is one that’s suited only for the most experienced dog owners. Weimaraner puppies can provide a great deal of companionship, but they also come with much responsibility.

The Weimaraner is often referred to as the “Grey Ghost” or “Silver Ghost” because of their coloring. Their coats are short and smooth, making them one of the most beautiful breeds on dog known to man. Interestingly, Weimaraners are very small as puppies, weighing as little as six pounds at the age of six weeks. When they reach adulthood, Weims can grow very large to weights as much as eighty pounds.

Weimaraners are difficult to handle because of their energetic personality. They were originally bred to be hunting companions for German foresters. They worked full days in the forest, never leaving their owner’s side. That legacy has been passed down many years to Weimaraners that have been domesticated in the United States. They demand constant attention and lots of exercise. They are always up for playing games, fetching toys, and getting into mischief.

Weimaraners are often mistaken as “dumb” dogs, but even as puppies, they can be very smart. They are able to learn just about any trick, as long as they are rewarded with treats and praise. Specifically, Weimaraner puppies can be taught to perform hunting functions such as retrieval and pointing out birds.

Weimaraners are naturally protective of both their owners and their property. They become territorial quickly and adjust nicely to their new surroundings. The problem with this is that they can be aggressive towards anything that poses an immediate threat. The best way to offset this aggression is to socialize the dogs with people and other animals at a young age. They will eventually learn to get along with small dog breeds and they are friendly with people. They pose no threats to small children, although full grown Weimaraners have a tendency to be clumsy and can knock over small children on occasion.

Weimaraners offer a lifetime of companionship for owners who are willing to take on a challenge. They are stubborn, especially at a young age. This makes house training very difficult. Once they are trained appropriately, they truly do become man’s best friend, though.

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