Brittany Spaniel Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Brittany Spaniel Dog breed

Cute Brittany Spaniel Puppy As one of the most balanced of all of the sporting dogs, the Brittany Spaniel is said to do equally well in both the field and in the home. This dog has a strong desire to have some sort of physical activity, but it will calm down when necessary. In general, Brittany Spaniel puppies are a lot of fun to have around. They are bred to be hunters, but they understand slowing down their wheels when a family demands that.

Brittany Spaniel puppies are some of the most beautiful puppies available. They are usually multicolored, with the common color scheme being some combination of white and brown. They are often blotted with beautiful brown spots, with the more coloration being more desirable for dog lovers. They have a long, lean, athletic body that is built for the field. They are much better equipped as a pointing dog, rather than a retrieving dog.

Brittany Spaniels do well with other dogs, even as puppies. They can be shy at times, depending upon individual temperament, but the breed as a whole is a friendly one. They love to roll around, have a good time, and play games with other dogs. Though they have good intentions, Brittany Spaniel puppies can often be clumsy and their lack of coordination can present problems to elderly folks and young children.

Brittany Spaniel puppies are not difficult to train, although patience is needed. As with most breeds of sporting dogs, they can master things like retrieval. Often times, Brittany Spaniel puppies will become strong swimmers who will go into water after game and other items. They can learn a number of tricks given the right training and they live for the praise of their master. This breed is somewhat unique in the fact that Brittany Spaniel puppies don’t respond well to negative punishment. They are much more likely to respond to a treat than to a beating.

Brittany Spaniel puppies can generally be expected to be healthy. Though no breed is perfect, Brittany Spaniels seem to be one of the best breeds as far as health goes. Given the right amount of exercise, these animals can live a great, long life of companionship.

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