Boston Terrier Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Boston Terrier Dog breed

Cute Boston Terrier Puppy As one of the first dog breeds ever bred in America, the Boston Terrier has quite a history. This Boston native was the first dog to be bred in the United States for non sporting purposes. It has roots that connect it to the Pit Bull Terrier, but years of breeding have taken much of the Pit Bull out of this much smaller breed. Known by many as the “American Gentleman”, this dog doesn’t share too many similarities with its bull wrangling cousin.

Boston Terrier puppies have a great personality. That is their best trait. Though they are also physically attractive with a strong, sturdy frame, their real draw is the way in which they deal with people. They are gentle and calm, but they know how to play and have a good time. It is almost as if this dog has a switch that it can flip in order to make a personality change depending upon the circumstance.

Boston Terrier puppies manage to stay graceful while being clumsy. They listen to commands, while retaining a bit of their independence and determination. In a phrase, they aim to please their owners. Whether through playfulness or their gentle loyalty, Boston Terrier puppies manage to provide lifelong satisfaction to their owners.

One of the best qualities of the Boston Terrier is that it does well with elderly people. Though it is not the best dog around young children, it is a dog that seems to understand elderly folks. Maybe this is because the dog is low maintenance, while providing a bit of companionship. It is always there, but you never feel burdened by having a Boston Terrier.

As for dealing with other dogs, there is a difference between males and females. Male Boston Terriers will fight with other male dogs on occasion, though the fights are usually pretty harmless. This can be broken when the dogs are puppies, as their aggression can be quelled in most circumstances. It’s important to start with early training for this dog, as it does have some Pit Bull in it from natural breeding.

Boston Terrier puppies have a tendency to suffer from heart problems and breathing issues, so it is important to keep an eye on that. Eye and ear infections are also a common ailment for this animal.

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