Border Collie Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Border Collie Dog breed

Cute Border Collie Puppy The Border Collie is one of the most fascinating dog breeds known to man. Border Collie puppies, which can come with either a smooth or a rough coat, are beautiful in appearance. They retain some sense of majesty even though they are primarily working dogs. Depending upon their breeding, Border Collies can come in a number of different colors. The most beautiful Border Collies are a blue merle coloring, which is desirable among dog owners.

Border Collie puppies have a temperament that is usual for dogs that perform work like they do. Similar to the Weimaraner, which was bred to work in the forest all day, the Border Collie was bred to be a herding animal that helped Scottish herders. Because of this, there is a natural restlessness that afflicts some of these dogs. It isn’t that they are bored, it’s just that they are used to always having some job to perform. Because of this, owners of Border Collies will need to be prepared to put the dog through rigorous activity in order to quench these urges.

Border Collie puppies are somewhat aggressive, but not to a fault. In general, their zeal for life is what gives Border Collie puppies a bit of aggression. They love to play and have fun with people and with other dogs. Though they might attack a cat, they will leave smaller dogs alone. Generally, they just want to play around. They will not harm younger children, but it’s generally thought that older children are a better fir for a Border Collie.

You will want to be careful when walking around the house in front of your Border Collie puppies. They are bred to herd and they will herd pretty much anything that moves. That includes not only you, but also your children. It’s not a fault of theirs, but it can sometimes become a nuisance.

Collie Eye Anomaly is one problem that these animals often face. Though this condition is somewhat of a mystery, it afflicts many collies. In addition, Border Collie puppies will need to be checked for hip dysplasia, a condition that afflicts many larger dogs. They aren’t as susceptible to this condition as some other dogs, but they can still suffer from this at times.

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  1. it is good but not all collies can be nice beacause my nan has one and she is nice to family and people but if outher dogs trie to attack her then she will have a right go at them.

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