Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles: Pictures of Celebs who use the Sedu Flat Iron

The Sedu flat Iron is becoming ever more popular among the Hollywood in crowd. So much so that male actors are beginning to feel the pressure of Seduing, regardless of whether or not they have the hair for it. Here are some recent celebrity sedu hairstyle pics. Has the sedu flat iron fad gone too far? judge for yourself:

Celebrity Sedu Pictures:

A Brad Pitt picture, in which he is sporting a wavy celebrity sedu hair style dew. The story goes that he was jealous of Jennifer getting all the sedu press and attention, and so attempted it himself, including his eyebrows. The two spiraled into a deep rift over their competing sedu pics in the press, and as we all know, things didn’t work out for them so well as a couple. This caused much anguish in all the seduing celebs of Hollywood, but a new style cannot be easily resisted. As the following celebrity sedu hair style photos demonstrate.


Fabio, in a recent photo, just after getting a celeb sedu hair style. Some believe Fabio actually invented the Sedu Hair Style Flattening Iron, but this has not been verified. He was however, the inventor of the perpetual wind motion styling gel, which makes it appear that the wind is blowing through your hair even when you are indoors.

Celebrity Sedu Hair Style Pictures: Fabio

While he would prefer to keep it a secret, it is becoming a well known fact in Hollywood that Bruce Willis uses Sedu hair style iron and products on his beard and goatee. He also, as can be seen clearly in this Celebrity Sedu pic, sometimes wears a very small yellow hat at the very top of his head.

Celebrity sedu hair style photo: Bruce Willis

And here we have a picture of Tom Cruise after using the Sedu Hair Styling iron. Of course, he didn’t actually use it. His ever-present hair stylist used it. Tom was over heard saying “I know I don’t have any damn hair, but I’m paying you $4000 a week, so by God, you are going to Sedu my fricking hair, so I look like the happiest man in the world, got it?

Celebrity Sedu Hair Straightening Pic: Tom Cruise

And here is another Tom in a celebrity sedu hair style picture, Tom Hanks, after being Seduked. he chose to go with a slight wave with his sedu celeb hairstyle. Quite a dashing dew really. In the since that it makes you want to dash away. But we still love ya Tom. Thanks for the memories, and good luck in retirement.

Tom Hanks With Sedu Hair Style

And here is Hollywood heart throb Will Ferrell, with his own celebrity sedu hairstyle pic, showing the sedu both on his head and on his mustache. “I really had no choice but to sedu. The damn mustache kept curling up and tickling my nose, making it hard for me to succeed in my roll as a dramatic actor.”
Will Ferrell Picture: Sedu celebrity hairstyle mustache

And last but not least, while we are on the subject of Hollywood heart throbs, you can’t get much more in vogue than Hanson. In this pic, from 1978, each of them is sporting their own version of the sedu celebrity hairstyle in this photo. Although since the sedu didn’t exist at that time, they actually had to put a real iron on their heads, explaining the quality of some of their later songs.

celebrity sedu hair style: Hanson



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