Beagle Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Beagle Dog breed

Cute Beagle Puppy Beagle puppies are popular gift ideas in the United States and they make remarkably good pets. A combination of appropriate size, nice temperament, and the ability to perform many tasks makes the Beagle an ideal pet for many different people. It combines many of the best qualities of a scent hound, being able to provide services in hunting. In addition, Beagle puppies are extremely loving and playful. They are wonderful companions who have a strong sense of loyalty.

The Beagle comes from English stock and its history as a hound is well documented. Because of this, Beagle puppies can have a strong sense of smell at a very young age. They are bred to follow this nose wherever it may take them. Because of this, it is very important to train the animals to listen to commands. Following their nose can get this dog into some trouble at times, so keeping them on a close watch is very important.

Beagle puppies aren’t just hunters, though. They make wonderful family pets. Beagles are known as energetic, balanced dogs that do well with children. They do not pose any immediate danger to small children and since they are not a large dog breed, they don’t scare young kids. Simply put, Beagle puppies are loving and playful. They are everything you could want in a house dog.

No matter what lifestyle you employ, the Beagle can adapt to what you have going on. They are able to live both inside and outside, bridging the gap between house dog and outside hunter. They are easy going and don’t need as much attention as some of the similar breeds out there. Their advanced intelligence makes training a much more fun experience than it otherwise might be.

Beagle puppies can be susceptible to health problems if they aren’t check up on frequently enough. Because they have a strong nose, they tend to eat and ingest things that are potentially harmful. Because of that, a close eye must be kept on Beagle puppies to ensure that they are in good health. When healthy, Beagle puppies are a joy and delight to be around. Their energy and personality is enough to light even the most drab of rooms.

6 thoughts on “Beagle Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Beagle Dog breed”

  1. Are beagles good dogs for condo’s?

    I have heard they howl loudly? Is that true. Any information would be great.


  2. They do howl (bay) quite a bit when they pick up a scent. Ours also sings/barks along to Happy Birthday! Their barks are also quite loud for their size. They love to run and play outside and sniff everywhere they go. Not a great dog for condos or apartment dwellers. You’ll want someplace with a fenced yard as they will follow their nose if let loose.

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