Bassett Hound Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Bassett Hound Dog breed

Cute Bassett Hound Puppy For those folks who need a pet that’s extremely gentle, the Bassett Hound puppy is a perfect pet. Generally, this breed is a sweet one. The Bassett Hound can be described as an easy going, sweet breed that has a great love for family and a merry outlook on life. In general, this is not a breed that is going to be aggressive towards anyone, making it an ideal pet for all types of families.

Bassett Hounds are known by some of their distinctive physical features. Specifically, their droopy ears and long face are some of the things by which this breed is identified. Bassett Hound puppies have these features, as well. This makes them some of the most adorable puppies that money can buy.

Though Bassett Hounds are some of the most well behaved and mild mannered dogs that you will come across, they can be quite lazy. If you are looking for a fearless companion that will enjoy strenuous activity with you, then the Bassett Hound might not be what you’re looking for. It is much more likely to spend the afternoon lounging around the house and making sure you are comfortable.

One great characteristic of a Bassett Hound is that, even as a puppy, it can relate very well to children. It is never aggressive towards them and is a friendly companion for the youngest of kids. This characteristic carries over to other dogs, as well. Bassett Hounds are known as friendly neighbors who are capable of tolerating just about any other dog breed.

Though Bassett Hound puppies might seem like a perfect fit for any dog lover, they require a bit of patience in the training phase. This is generally true of all dogs, though. Bassett Hounds are somewhat stubborn and they will only learn a trick if they are interested. If they become disinterested in something you are presenting, then it will not hold their attention for very long.

Bassett Hound puppies are usually pretty healthy, although they sometimes have problems with their ears. The long, droopy ears look great, but they can cause this breed to have ear infection problems. It’s important to always keep a close eye on this, as an ear infection can cause considerable pain for a puppy.

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