Incredible Hand Paintings of Animals

Here are some absolutely amazing and beautiful pictures of Guido Daniele’s animal hand painting art. Each animal is meticulously painted in a way that brings out not only the outer detail, but the inner personality of the animal as well. What makes it even more astounding is that he actually paints them using the hand that is painted on (actually, I may not quite have my facts right about that). Very inspired artwork by a gifted artist. Check out his home page at:

Animal Hand painting #1 Bald Eagle

Animal Hand painting #2 American Eagle

Animal Hand painting #3 Crocodile

Animal Hand painting #4 Harpee Eagle

Animal Hand painting #5 Swan

Animal Hand painting #6 Dalmatian

Animal Hand painting #7 African Elephant

Animal Hand painting #8 Indian Elephant

Animal Hand painting #9 Hawk

11 thoughts on “Incredible Hand Paintings of Animals”

  1. those are so cool…i wonder how the thumbs went on that american eagle..its awesome…i was staring at that picture trying to figure it out…lol i like them alot

  2. I think its the most incredible art ever seen.I want them all on my wall.
    Its just amazing to me. the detail!

  3. these kittens and puppies are sooooooo cute you guys will love em if you look and read very carefuly lol love ya from the folks at this amasing middle school

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