Hand Painting Art: Amazing Paintings of Animals on Hand

Incredible animal paintings on hands: Amazing hand art

Here are more of Guido Daniele’s astounding animal hand paintings. His home page is guidodaniele.com. Animal Hand painting #10 Bobcat Animal Hand painting #11 Cheetah Animal Hand painting #12 Tiger Animal Hand painting #13 Beagle Animal Hand painting #14 Hornbill Animal Hand painting #15 Zebra Animal Hand painting #16 Girraffe Animal Hand painting #17 Lynx [...]

Incredible Hand Paintings of Animals

Here are some absolutely amazing and beautiful pictures of Guido Daniele’s animal hand painting art. Each animal is meticulously painted in a way that brings out not only the outer detail, but the inner personality of the animal as well. What makes it even more astounding is that he actually paints them using the hand [...]

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