Cutest Kitty, Puppy and Animal Pics



Here are some Kitten and Puppy Pictures:



Penguins gone wild: Funny slapping penguin pic

pinguin pushes another one

Gee, I wonder if Martha is still mad about last night.

Really cute baby Penguin

cute baby penquin

Funny animals Video: Compilation of funny animal bloopers

Cute Kitten working hard

slave kitten

I’m really sorry I scratched the couch. Can’t I please go play now?

Cute Puppies

cute puppies pictures

Awwwe, we wanna play too…

Cute Kitty in a Cup

uh oh- I think I'm stuck again.

Ahhhhhhh- this water is so warm! Oops- I made bubbles…

Cute Dophin and dogs

dolphin and dog

You wanna come over to our house and play?

Jedi Sqirrels

jedi squirrels

Finally ready for Dog Vador, we are!

Cute Kitten sleeping

lazy kitten

Could you rub my tummy just a little longer?

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133 thoughts on “Cutest Kitty, Puppy and Animal Pics”

  1. tessa i like the pictures they were so cute i like the cute dolphin and dogs most but i like all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! veronica ok my turn! my favorite is the kitten in the cup!!!!!!!!!!!! =) =) =)=)=0 we are sisters

  2. theese animals are really, really, really, cute! i like the little kitten in the cup. that one is like the cutest animal in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hey girls…..this is sooo cute..i would llike to see more pictures of bunnies…but you guys are doing agrreat jobb

  4. i just luv the cute things ther soooooooo cute and funny i just wanna hug them so tight even like my animals there cute i hav 37 of them but some of them bite!!!!!!!!!!!! well

  5. hello the animals r so funny & cute but i reckon u should send more photos & videos and be lol ones cause their funny and the people who sent them are awesome & CCCUUUTTTEEE ones peace out who ever is reading this =)

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