Best Amazing Youtube Videos

This section has a growing collection of some of the best amazing videos, movies & video clips on the web.

Amazing Youtube Videos.

Now that there are a billion videos on the net, it’s easy to waste a lot of time going through a lot of average and just plain bad video clips in search of the very best. This section of Innocent English will be collecting only the best amazing youtube videos…
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Amazing physics: Floating, levitating magnet Video:
I have no idea how this works, but adding liquid nitrogen to a mangetic base makes a second magnet float above it, in the air.

Amazing Biking video
Even if you aren’t interested in stunt bikes, this will amaze you. I had no idea these stunts were possible.

The best robot break dancer in the world: David Robot.
Widely regarded as the most amazing robot dancer in the world, David Elsewhere does moves that should be impossible… Amazing dancing….

Corn Starch Swimming Pool: How to Walk on Water…
What the heck is that, you ask? Corn starch and water create a strange mizure that is a liquid, but suddenly turns into a solid when met with strong sudden pressure. Take a look at this fun video that has a whole swimming pool full of the mixure……

Amazing Fish with Headlights!
Don’t believe me? Take a look at this short but incredible underwater video of a cool but very ugly fish with its very own set of headlights….



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