Best Magic Trick Videos and Card Tricks Clips

Amazing slight of hand magic tricks

Magic Trick: Card and coin go through glass.
A cool slight of hand magic trick where a card and a coin seems to pass through a glass table from one hand to the other.

[youtube fLy3M2jfe4w nolink]

Amazing card trick
Here’s another really amazing card trick with four cards which magically seem to keep changing.

[youtube EBQ8ZsPMBg nolink]

Amazing card trick
This performer has total control of the deck of cards. He seems to completely shuffle the deck, but somehow knows exactly where each card is. A really cool card trick.

[youtube iUbK1cBHm6E nolink]

Some amazing, masterful slight of hand in these quick cool card tricks.
You get the feeling this guy kinda knows what he’s doing. the camera couldn’t be closer, so the slight of hand is impeccable

[youtube JXcJsI1DLEE nolink]

Cool card trick where the 8 and 9 seem to change places. Again a close camera doesn’t seem to catch the slight of hand…

[ oh3jbMqbDQ nolink]



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