Daily Quick Break: May 6, 2008: Other Funny English Mistakes From Around the World

But first, a couple of funny signs

Every day posts 2 new funny signs and a funny quick break post. This Quick Break section has today’s quick break plus previous ones, so you can browse thru any you missed.

Funny Signs of the Day



Now Today’s Daily Quick Break:

From the cover of a notebook used by one of my Korean students:

My heart is very flammable when I see your beautiful eyes.

On the box for a toothbrush at a Tokyo hotel:

Gives you strong mouth and refreshing wind!

A job ad in the Japan Times expressing that both males and females could apply:

No limit on sex.

On the box for a toy microphone called “ECHO MIKE:”

Mom ma! Pap Pap! I and Lady Employees to play with it together!

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