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Name Meaning Origin
Yolotli unisexual name meaning "heart." nahuatl
Yoloxochitl flower of the heart nahuatl
Yoltzin small heart nahuatl
Yolyamanitzin male or female name meaning "just" or "tender and considerate person." nahuatl
Yona dove hebrew
Yona Dove Hebrew
Yone meaning unknown japanese
Yonina Dove Hebrew
Yonita Dove Hebrew
Yoora Enough silk Korean
Yordana descended from hebrew
Yordana Descended from Hebrew
Yoseba God will multiply Hebrew
Yoseba, God will multiply hebrew
Yosebe God will multiply Hebrew
Yosepha God will multiply Hebrew
Yosephina God will multiply Hebrew
Yoshiko good child japanese
Younique She is one like no other. Unknown
Youra Enough silk Korean
Yovela rejoice hebrew
Yovela Rejoice Hebrew
Ysabel Italian form of Isabel

(consecrated to God)

Ysabel Medieval form of Isabel devoted to God. French
Yserone meaning unknown arthurian
Yseult fair celtic
Yseult fair french
Yseult ruler of ice german
Yseult Ruler of ice German
Yseult Fair Celtic
Yseult Fair French
Ysolde Lover of Tristan Arthurian Legend
Yu jie pure beautiful jade chinese
Yue wan happy and gentle chinese
Yue yan happy and beautiful chinese
Yue ying happy and smart; kind chinese
Yue you happy and friendly chinese
Yuhudit Praise Hebrew
Yukiko snow child japanese
Yumiko arrow child japanese
Yumn good fortune; success arabic
Yuriko "Lily child" or "village of birth." japanese
Yusra proper name arabic
Yuta Praise Hebrew
Yvette archer; yew wood french
Yvette Archer: Feminine of Yves. French
Yvettia Beautiful American
Yvonna Feminine variant of Yves. French
Yvonne Archer French
Zabrina Forms of Sabrina: a princess English
Zada lucky arabic
Zada Huntress or fortunate. Arabic
Zadie Princess English
Zafirah victory arabic
Zafirah Victory Arabic
Zagir flower armenian
Zahara Swahili and Muslim name meaning "flower." african
Zahavah golden hebrew
Zahavah Golden Hebrew
Zahina Swahili name popular in Tanzania. Meaning unknown. african
Zahirah dazzling arabic
Zahirah Dazzling Arabic
Zahra Swahili and Muslim name meaning "flower." african
Zahra white arabic
Zahra flower egyptian
Zahra White Arabic
Zahrah flower; beauty; star arabic
Zahrah White Arabic
Zaida Lucky Arabic
Zainab daughter of the prophet arabic
Zainabu Swahili name meaning "beautiful." african
Zaira Irish form of Sara princess Irish
Zakiya Swahili name meaning "smart, intelligent." african
Zakiyyah pure arabic
Zaley Unknown
Zali Special Australia
Zalika Swahili name meaning "well-born." african
Zalika well-born egyptian
Zaltana High mountain Native American
Zamira Conscientious. Arabic
Zamora From Zamora Spanish
Zamora Praised Hebrew
Zandra defender of man greek
Zandra Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. English
Zandra Variant of Alexandra defender of mankind. Spanish
Zaneta God’s gift hebrew
Zaneta God’s gift. A saint’s name. Spanish
Zaneta God’s gift Hebrew
Zanetta God’s gift. A saint’s name. Spanish
Zanita God’s gift. A saint’s name. Spanish
Zanna God’s gift Hebrew
Zara princess arabic
Zara light french
Zara Princess Arabic
Zara Day’s awakening Hebrew
Zara Light French
Zarah day’s awakening hebrew
Zarah Day’s awakening Hebrew
Zarahlinda Beautiful dawn Hebrew
Zariya Beauty and Light Arabic
Zauditu Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "she is the crown." african
Zavrina taken from Sabrina (name

of a princess)

Zavrina Forms of Sabrina: a princess English
Zawadi Swahili name and Kiswahili word meaning "a gift, a present." african
Zawditu Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "she is the crown." african
Zayda Lucky Arabic
Zayna beauty arabic
Zayna Beauty Arabic
Zefiryna zephyr ZUZANNA polish
Zehave Golden Hebrew
Zehavi Golden Hebrew
Zehavit Golden Hebrew
Zehira protected hebrew
Zehira Protected Hebrew
Zehuva Golden Hebrew
Zeinab Somali name meaning "good." african
Zelenka little green one czechoslovakian
Zelia zealous greek
Zelma Variant of Selma comely. English
Zeltzin delicate nahuatl
Zemil:~ Joyous melody Hebrew
Zemira joyous melody hebrew
Zemira Praised Hebrew
Zemirah Joyous melody Hebrew
Zemora Praised Hebrew
Zena Ethiopian name meaning "news" or "fame." african
Zenaide myth name greek
Zene Rose Native American
Zenevieva pale celtic
Zenevieva Pale Celtic
Zenia friendly greek
Zenobia father’s ornament arabic
Zenobia born of Zeus greek
Zenobia Father’s ornament Arabic
Zephyr of the west wind greek
Zera seed hebrew
Zera Seed Hebrew
Zera’im Seed Hebrew
Zerenity Serene or calm. Variant of Serenity. English
Zerlina Beautiful dawn. Hebrew
Zerlinda beautiful dawn hebrew
Zerlinda Beautiful dawn Hebrew
Zesiro a twin egyptian
Zeta born last greek
Zeva sword greek
Zhen precious chinese
Zhen juan precious and beautiful chinese
Zhi Irises; orchids; noble character; true friendship chinese
Zi graceful; beautiful chinese
Zia Light: splendor. Arabic
Zibia Doe Hebrew
Zibiah doe hebrew
Zibiah Doe Hebrew
Zigana gypsy hungarian
Zihna Hopi name meaning " spins." native
Zihna Spins (Hopi) Native American
Zilla shadow hebrew
Zilla Shadow Hebrew
Zillah Shadow Hebrew
Zimra praised hebrew
Zimra Praised Hebrew
Zimria Praised Hebrew
Zina meaning unknown romanian
Zina Welcoming. Variant of Xenia Welcoming: hospitable. English
Zinerva Pale Celtic
Zinsa Benin name meaning "twin." african
Zipora (Zipi) Bird. Jewish
Zippora beauty hebrew
Zippora Beauty Hebrew
Zipporah Beauty Hebrew
Zita Little hope Spanish
Zitkala Dakota name meaning "bird." native
Zitkala Bird (Dakota) Native American
Ziva splendid hebrew
Ziva Splendid Hebrew
Zo? Life. Variant of Zoe. Greek
Zoe alive greek
Zoe Life Greek
Zoelane Life and narrow road. Greek
Zoelie “Alive. Alternate Spellings: Zoe, Zoelie, Zoelle, Zoel, Zoya, Zoia” Greek
Zoey Life Greek
Zohar sparkle hebrew
Zohar Sparkle Hebrew
Zoheret Sparkle Hebrew
Zohra Jupiter. Alternate Spelling: Zoya. Unknown
Zoi Life. Alternate Spelling: Zoe. Unknown
Zoie Alternate Spelling: Zoe. Life. Greek
Zola Congolese name meaning "productive." african
Zophie Czechoslovakian form of Sophie (wise) czechoslovakian
Zorina Unknown
Zoya Life. Ukranian
Zsa lily hungarian
Zsofia wisdom greek
Zsofia Hungarian form of Sophia


Zubaidah excellent arabic
Zudora labors indian
Zuhura Swahili name. Meaning unknown. african
Zuleika fair, intelligent arabic
Zuleika Fair or Intelligent Well-born. Arabic
Zulema peace:tranquility. Variant of Salome or Solomon. Hebrew
Zulema peace:tranquility. Variant of Salome or Solomon. Arabic
Zulima peace:tranquility. Variant of Salome or Solomon. Hebrew
Zulima peace:tranquility. Variant of Salome or Solomon. Arabic
Zuri White and lovely French
Zuria white and lovely french
Zuria White and lovely French
Zurie White and lovely French
Zurina White Spanish
Zurine white basque
Zurine White Spanish
Zuwena Swahili name meaning "good." african
Zuzana Lily Hebrew
Zwena Swahili name meaning "good." african
Zyana Blessing from Heaven. Hebrew
Zyta reaper greek

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