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Name Meaning Origin
Tracie Alternate Spelling: Tracy. French
Tracy From Thracia. Dates from before the Norman conquest as a surname. French
Trandafira meaning unknown romanian
Traviata astray italian
Treasa Strong Irish
Treise Strong Irish
Trella Star Spanish
Trenade Unknown
Tresa Variant of Theresa which is a popular saint’s name of uncertain meaning. German
Tressa Variant of Theresa. Italian
Tricia Unknown
Trilby sings with trills italian
Trina innocent greek
Trinetta Little innocent French
Trinette little innocent french
Trinette Little innocent French
Trinh a virgin vietnamese
Trinidy Unknown
Trinitea Variant of Trinity. Unknown
Trinity “A union of three in one: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost” Unknown
Trisa Abbreviation of Patricia noble. English
Trish Abbreviation of Patricia noble. English
Trisha Abbreviation of Patricia noble. English
Trisna desired indian
Trista sad italian
Trista Feminine of Tristan noisy:full of sorrows and/or a rhyming variant of Christa. English
Tristen Feminine of Tristan noisy:full of sorrows and/or a rhyming variant of Christa. English
Tristina Feminine of Tristan noisy:full of sorrows and/or a rhyming variant of Christa. English
Trixie Brings joy. Abbreviation of Beatrix. English
Truc wish vietnamese
Truda fighting woman german
Truda Fighting woman German
Trudchen Fighting woman German
Trude Fighting woman German
Trudel strong danish
Tryamon a fairy princess arthurian
Tryamon A fairy princess Arthurian Legend
Trystynn Alternate Spelling: Tristian. Unknown
Tsheyka Mirrored image. Variant of Toshiko. Japanese
Tsifira crown hebrew
Tsifira Crown Hebrew
Tsuyu Morning dew japanese
Tsylia Tender. Alternate spelling: Tsetsylia & Tsylichka Hebrew
Tuesday born on Tuesday english
Tuesday Born on Tuesday English
Tugenda virtue german
Tugenda Virtue German
Tullia Peaceful Irish
Tulsi basil indian
Tunde meaning unknown hungarian
Tuuli wind finnish
Tuwa Hopi name meaning " earth." native
Tuwa Earth (Hopi) Native American
Tuyen angel; line; ray vietnamese
Tuyet snow white vietnamese
Twyla woven english
Twyla Woven English
Tylaisha Unknown
Tyler Tile maker Unknown
Tylisa Unknown Unknown
Tylyn Unknown
Tymaisha Unknown
Tyna River English
Tyne river english
Tyne River English
Tyonna American
Tyqueja Unknown
Tyra Land Scottish
Tyrianne Land of Prayer American
Tyro myth name (a nymph) greek
Tzigane gypsy hungarian
Tzilla defender hebrew
Tzilla Defender Hebrew
Tzippa Bird Hebrew
Tzipppa bird hebrew
Tzivia doe hebrew
Tzivia Doe Hebrew
Tziyona of Zion hebrew
Tziyona Of Zion Hebrew
Tzzipporah Bird Hebrew
Uadjit myth name (cobra-goddess) egyptian
Uatchit myth name (another form of Hathor) egyptian
Uchenna Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "God’s will." african
Udela Wealthy Anglo-Saxon
Udele "Wealthy."Variant, Udela, exists. anglo
Udele Wealthy Anglo-Saxon
Ula sea jewel celtic
Ula Sea jewel Celtic
Ula Abbreviation of Eulalie Spanish
Uldwyna Special friend English
Uli Mistress of all German
Ulicia Feminine form of Ulik Irish
Ulima wise arabic
Ulka Mistress of all German
Ulla has willpower german
Ulla Has willpower German
Ulrica Mistress of all German
Ulrike mistress of all german
Ulrike Mistress of all German
Ulu Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "second born." african
Uma bright indian
Umairoh Unknown
Umayma little mother arabic
Umayma little mother egyptian
Umm mother egyptian
Una white wave celtic
Una Hopi name meaning " remember." native
Una One. English
Una Remember (Hopi) Native American
Una White wave Celtic
Una Together Irish
Unity Together Irish
Uny Together Irish
Uoc wishes vietnamese
Upala jewel USHA hindi
Upala opal indian
Urania heavenly greek
Urbi princess egyptian
Urenna Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "father’s pride." african
Urice Light Hebrew
Urika Omaha name meaning " useful to all." UTINA native
Urit light hebrew
Urit Light Hebrew
Ursa myth name greek
Ursulina Little bear Spanish
Usha myth name (daughter of Bana) indian
Ushas myth name (dawn) indian
Usoa Dove Spanish
Uta prospers in battle romanian
Uzziye God’s strength hebrew
Uzziye God’s strength Hebrew
Vach well-spoken indian
Vadit Rose Hebrew
Vafara Brave French
Valborga protecting ruler german
Valborga Protecting ruler German
Valencia Vigorous and strong. Latin
Valentina brave italian
Valentina Brave Spanish
Valeraine Brave French
Valere Brave French
Valerica forever strong romanian
Valerie brave french
Valerie Brave French
Valerie Strong: valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius. English
Valicia Combination of Val and Alicia. Unknown
Van cloud vietnamese
Vanda wanderer german
Vanda wanderer romanian
Vanda Wanderer German
Vande Wanderer German
Vanesa Butterfly. Variant of Vanessa. Spanish
Vanessa Butterfly. Hebrew
Vania God’s gift hebrew
Vania God’s gift Hebrew
Vanna God’s gift Hebrew
Vappu legend name finnish
Vara stranger greek
Varaza boar indian
Varda God’s gift hebrew
Varda rose hebrew
Varda Rose Hebrew
Vardit Rose Hebrew
Vared Rose Hebrew
Vartoughi rose armenian
Varunani myth name (goddess of wine) indian
Vedetta From the guard tower French
Vedette from the guard tower french
Vedette guardian italian
Vedette From the guard tower French
Vedika “Consciousness, Altar: a river in India.” Sanskrit
Vega falling arabic
Vega Falling Arabic
Vellamo protector Kalevala, The finnish
Velma Protector. Greek
Velouette Soft English
Velvet soft english
Velvet Soft English
Vema myth name (goddess of sex) indian
Venessa butterfly greek
Venetia blessed celtic
Venetia Blessed Celtic
Ventura Good fortune Spanish
Venus Love and Beauty Greek
Verdad Honest Spanish
Verena protector german
Verena Protector German
Verene Protector German
Verina Protector German
Verity Truth Australian
Veronica honest image greek
Veronica True image. Biblical name. Latin
Veronique honest french
Veronique Honest French
Vesna Unknown Europe
Veta Intelligent Spanish
Vevila Harmony Irish
Vevina Sweet lady Irish
Vibeke little woman danish
Vibeke little woman german
Vicenta Victor Spanish
Vicki Alternate Spelling: Victoria. Victory or victorius. Latin
Victoria victory romanian
Victoria Derived from Victoria triumphant Unknown
Victorina Victory French
Victorine victory french
Victorine Victory French
Vicuska life hungarian
Vida dearly loved hebrew
Vida Dearly loved Hebrew
Vidette Dearly loved Hebrew
Vienna Unknown Unknown
Viet for Vietnam; to write vietnamese
Vignetta Little vine French
Vignette little vine french
Vignette Little vine French
Viheke Little woman German
Vika From the creek Scottish
Viktoria Hungarian form of Victoria (victorious) hungarian
Viktoria Unknown
Villett from the country estate french
Villetta From the countly estate French
Villette From the countly estate French
Vina vina (a stringed instrument) indian
Vina From the vineyard Spanish
Vinata myth name (daughter of Daksha) indian
Vineeta simple indian
Violet flower italian
Violetta Little violet French
Viollette little violet french
Viollette Little violet French
Viorela meaning unknown romanian
Viradecthis A Tungrian goddess anglo
Viradecthis A Tungrian goddess Anglo-Saxon
Virag flower hungarian
Virgena Chaste: virginal. English
Virginia pure italian
Virginia Chaste: virginal. English
Virginia Virgin Spanish
Vittoria Victor Spanish
Viveka Little woman German
Vivian In Malory’s Mort d’Arthur Vivien was the Lady of the Lake: also the enchantress of Merlin. English
Viviana alive italian
Viviana full of life romanian
Viviana In Malory’s Mort d’Arthur Vivien was the Lady of the Lake: also the enchantress of Merlin. English
Viviane The Lady of the Lake Arthurian Legend
Viviane Variant of Vivian The Lady of the Lake. French
Vivianna In Malory’s Mort d’Arthur Vivien was the Lady of the Lake: also the enchantress of Merlin. English
Vivianne In Malory’s Mort d’Arthur Vivien was the Lady of the Lake: also the enchantress of Merlin. English
Vivica Unknown
Vivien Variant of Vivian The Lady of the Lake. French
Vivien The Lady of the Lake Arthurian Legend
Vivienne lively french
Vivienne Lively French
Vivika wisdom indian
Vlasta myth name czechoslovakian
Voctorita meaning unknown romanian
Voileta purple romanian
Volante flying italian
Voleta veiled french
Voleta Veiled French
Voletta Veiled French
Voshkie golden armenian
Wachiwi Sioux name meaning " dancer." native
Wafa’ faithfulness arabic
Wafiqah successful arabic
Wafiyyah loyal; faithful arabic
Wagaye Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "my sense of value" or "my price." african
Wahibah giver; donor arabic
Wajihah eminent; distinguished arabic
Wakanda Sioux name meaning " possesses magical power." native
Waki Hopi name meaning " shelter." WANETA native
Waki Shelter (Hopi) Native American
Walborgd Protecting ruler German
Walda ruler german
Walda Ruler German
Waldburga protecting ruler german
Waldhurga Protecting ruler German
Waleis From Wales English
Walidah newborn arabic
Walidah newly born egyptian
Wallis from Wales english
Wallis From Wales English
Wamboi Kikuyu of Kenya name meaning "singer." african
Wambui Kikuyu of Kenya name meaning "singer." african
Wan gentle; gracious; beautiful; lovely chinese
Wanda wanderer german
Wanda Wanderer German
Wande Wanderer German
Wandy Wanderer German
Waneta Charger Native American
Wanetta pale english
Wanetta Pale English
Wangari Kikuyu of Kenya name. Meaning unknown. african
Wann Pale English
Wanyika Swahili name meaning "of the bush." african
Waqi falling arabic
Waqi Falling Arabic
Warda rose arabic
Warda guardian german
Warda Guardian German
Wauna Miwok name meaning " singing snow goose." native
Weeko Sioux name meaning " pretty." WENONA native
Wei valuable; precious chinese
Welcome welcomed english
Welcome Welcomed English
Welda Ruler German
Welsa from the west english
Welsie From the west English
Welss From the west English
Wenda comely english
Wenda Comely English
Wendi Literary: a created name that first appeared in James Banie’s Peter Pan. English
Wendy Literary: a created name that first appeared in James Banie’s Peter Pan. English
Wenhaver Arthur’s queen Arthurian Legend
Wenona Firstborn daughter Native American
Weslee Feminine of Wesley. English
Weslia Feminine of Wesley. English
Whitley White meadow. English
Whitnei Dainty Unknown
Whitney "From the white island." anglo
Whitney Fair island. English
Whitney From the white island Anglo-Saxon
Wicapi wakan Dakota name meaning "holy star." native
Wicapi wakan Holy star (Dakota) Native American
Widad love; friendship arabic
Widad Love Arabic
Wido warrior maiden german
Wido Warrior maiden German
Wigburg young dutch
Wihakayda Sioux name meaning " little one." native
Wijdan ecstacy; sentiment arabic
Wikimak Algonquin name meaning "wife." WINEMA native
Wikimak Wife (Algonquin) Native American
Wilda "Wild." anglo
Wilda untamed german
Wilda Wild Anglo-Saxon
Wilda Untamed German
Wilde Untamed German
Wilhelmina resolute protector german
Wilhelmina Resolute protector. Feminine variant of William. German
Wilhelmine resolute protector danish
Wilhelmine Resolute protector German
Willa "Desired." anglo
Willa resolute english
Willa Desired Anglo-Saxon
Willa Resolute English
Willow Slender:graceful. From the willow tree noted for slender graceful branches and leaves. English
Wilma Resolute protector. Feminine variant of William. German
Wilona "Hoped for."Variant, Wilone, exists. anglo
Wilona Hoped for Anglo-Saxon
Wilone Hoped for Anglo-Saxon
Winema Chief Native American
Winifred peaceful friend german
Winifred Peaceful friend German
Winifreda Peaceful friend German
Winifrid Peaceful friend German
Winifride Peaceful friend German
Winnie White or fair Celtic
Winola gracious friend german
Winola Gracious friend German
Winona Sioux name meaning "giving." native
Wisal communion in love arabic
Witashnah Sioux name meaning " virginal." native
Withypoll twig head english
Withypoll Twig head English
Wryeton Variant of Righton Unknown
Wub Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "gorgeous, beautiful." african
Wuti Hopi name meaning " woman." WYANET native
Wuti Woman (Hopi) Native American
Wyanet Beautiful Native American
Wynda From the narrow passage Scottish
Wynne white or fair celtic
Wynne White or fair Celtic
Wynnie White or fair Celtic
Xalbadora Savior Spanish
Xalvadora Savior Spanish
Xandra Defender of mankind. Feminine of Alexander. English
Xanthe blond greek
Xaviera Bright: splendid. Feminine of Xavier. Spanish
Xavieria Like a Princess. Spain
Xavierra Owner of a new home French
Xavierre owner of a new home french
Xavierre Owner of a new home French
Xenia welcome greek
Xetsa Ewe of Ghana name meaning "twin." african
Xevera Owns a new house Spanish
Xeveria Owns a new house Spanish
Xia glow of the sunrise or sunset chinese
Xia he summer Lotus; pure and elegant chinese
Xiang fragrant chinese
Xiao chen early morning; dawn chinese
Xiao hong morning rainbow chinese
Xihuitl unisexual name meaning "year" or " comet." nahuatl
Xiloxoch Calliandra nahuatl
Xin qian happy and beautiful chinese
Xiomara meaning unknown nahuatl
Xiomara Beautiful Unknown
Xipil unisexual name meaning "noble of the fire." nahuatl
Xiu elegant; beautiful chinese
Xiu juan elegant; beautiful; graceful chinese
Xiuhcoatl unisexual name meaning "fire serpent" or "weapon of destruction." nahuatl
Xiuhtonal precious light nahuatl
Xochicotzin little necklace of flowers nahuatl
Xochiquetzal most beautiful flower; plumed flower nahuatl
Xochitl flower nahuatl
Xochiyotl heart of a gentle flower nahuatl
Xoco youngest sister nahuatl
Xocoyotl youngest child nahuatl
Xuan spring vietnamese
Xue snow chinese
Xue fang snow fragrant chinese
Xylia from the woods greek
Ya akove Replaces Hebrew
Ya el Goat Hebrew
Ya-akove replaces hebrew
Ya-el goat hebrew
Yachne kind hebrew
Yachne Kind Hebrew
Yadra Mother Spanish
Yaelis “Combination of Joel and Yoseline. Meaning: strength of God: happy, joyful, celestial.” Spanish
Yaffa beautiful hebrew
Yaffa Beautiful Hebrew
Yaffit Beautiful Hebrew
Yafiah high arabic
Yakootah emerald arabic
Yalena light greek
Yalissa A beautifull flower. Hebrew
Yamha dove arabic
Yaminah right and proper arabic
Yaminah meaning unknown egyptian
Yaminah Right or proper Africa
Yamka Hopi name meaning " blossom." native
Yamka Blossom (Hopi) Native American
Yamuna from the Yamuna river indian
Yan yan two swallow birds; elegant chinese
Yanamari bitter grace basque
Yanamaria Bitter grace Spanish
Yanamarie Bitter grace Spanish
Yaotl unisexual name meaning "war" or "warrior." nahuatl
Yardenah from the river Jordan hebrew
Yardenah From the river Jordan Hebrew
Yarima Indian
Yarkona green hebrew
Yarkona Green Hebrew
Yasiman jasmine indian
Yasirah lenient arabic
Yasm? Jasmine Flower Arabic
Yasmeen Jasmine Arabic
Yasmia Jasmine Arabic
Yasmin jasmine arabic
Yasmin Jasmine flower. Arabic
Yasmina Jasmine flower. Arabic
Yasmine Jasmine flower. Arabic
Yayauhqui unisexual name meaning "black smoking mirror." nahuatl
Yazhi Navajo name meaning " little one." YEPA native
Yazmin Jasmine flower. Arabic
Yedda beautiful voice english
Yedda Beautiful voice English
Yedidah friend hebrew
Yedidah Friend Hebrew
Yehudit praise hebrew
Yehudit Praise Hebrew
Yelizavetam devoted to God hebrew
Yelizavetam Devoted to God Hebrew
Yelysaveta Devoted to God Hebrew
Yem Life Hebrew
Yen a swallow (bird); peace; safe; stand still vietnamese
Yepa Snow woman Native American
Yera reference to the Virgin Mary basque
Yesenia The Gypsy title character of a Spanish soap opera from the 1970s. Spanish
Yeshi Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "for a thousand." african
Yessenia meaning unknown romanian
Yetsye Life Hebrew
Yetta generous english
Yetta Generous English
Yeva life hebrew
Yevunye Life Hebrew
Ygeme Mother of Arthur Arthurian Legend
Ygraine In Arthurian legend Igrayne is mother of Arthur. Arthurian Legend
Yi jie happy and pure chinese
Yi min happy and smart chinese
Yi ze happy and shiny like a pearl chinese
Ylenia light romanian
Ynes Chaste. Variant of Agnes. French
Ynez Chaste. Variant of Agnes. French
Yoana God’s gift Spanish
Yocheved God’s glory hebrew
Yocheved God’s glory Hebrew
Yoki Hopi name meaning " rain." ZALTANA native
Yoki Rain (Hopi) Native American
Yolanda strong french
Yolanda violet greek
Yolanda Variant of Violet flower. French
Yolanda Violet Spanish
Yolande Strong French
Yolanthe Strong French
Yolette meaning unknown french
Yolihuani source of life nahuatl
Yolonda Variant of Violet flower. French

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