Top 10 Shoe Throwing Joke List: Jokes about Shoes being Thrown at Bush

Bush got a pair of shoes thrown at him and the press has been going wild with the jokes since then. After all, one man so reviled that a journalist risked imprisonment and torture just to toss footwear at a man. Even Latin American leaders have gotten in on the jokes about President Bush, Brazilian … Read more

Star Wars Double Entendres: Double Entendres from Starwars

You remember back when Star Wars just came out right? The long lines, the waiting, the anticipation. People more and more fanatic with each new film. Too bad that didn’t last with the new ones. I was just a young’n when the first three came out and I instantly fell in love with the movies. … Read more

More Really Funny Sayings, Witty Quotes, Clever Bumperstickers and more

Here are some more really funny sayings, witty quotes, cute and clever bumper sticker quotes,  and interesting thoughts.  Some are pretty funny, a few are hilarious, some are painfully true, and some are clever and witty.  (and of course, some of these are pretty stupid sayings and dumb sayings that aren’t that amazing…   )       You … Read more