More Really Cool Illusions



armadillo wall illusion

Optical Illusion #81: An armadillo rises from the fence.



coumoflaged animals illusion

Optical Illusion #82: Camouflaged piglets are safe from their mommy tiger.



face optical illusion2

Optical Illusion #83: The image looks like a man’s head from a distance.



face optical illusion

Optical Illusion #84: Can you count how many faces there are in this picture?



forest deer illusion

Optical Illusion #85: An image of another deer hides in the trees.



horses optical illusion

Optical Illusion #86: A great optical illusion of horses blending in with the rocks and snow.



painting optical illusion1

Optical Illusion #87: A face in a cup.



sidewalk art illusion

Optical Illusion #88: Amazing pavement art by J. Beever, an amazing sidewalk chalk 3d artist



tower optical illusion

Optical Illusion #89: Leaning dollhouse of Piza.



wife inlaw illusion

Optical Illusion #90: A young girl or an old woman?



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  1. Yes, the image of the tower is actually called ‘The Leaning Tower of Wanaka (New Zealand). The clock on the tower accually goes backward. It is only one of the eccentric constructions at the attraction.

  2. The one of the horses is a painting by Bev Doolittle. Many of her paintings are like this one – the trick is to not make assumptions. Is that a rock really a rock? Or is it part of something bigger?

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