Distance Faces Optical Illusion



This is one of the coolest illusions ever! Look at these pictures up close. What do you see? Then move several feet away from the monitor. What do you see now?



albert einstein illusion.jpg



facial optical illusion.jpg



Page Topic: Faces Optical Illusion: The face changes depending on your distance.



25 thoughts on “Distance Faces Optical Illusion

  1. I think I wnt a little bit too far back! I fell over my brother’s booster seat!
    Still pretty cool though, I managed to catch a glimpse before I hit the floor!

  2. Obviously some idiots don’t see Marylin Monroe in the Albert Einstein picture. C’mon, newbs.

  3. whos those are really awsome omg i almost fell of my chair looking at those wicked pics

  4. Давно искал данную инфу, Большое спасибо за Вашу работу

    this means:
    i have been looking this for a long time, Thank you for your work.

    …so that u ppl can understand what that russian guy was saing… (he is alitle bit dum.. he doenst know english…) ;D

  5. that jeasus illusion was so freaky like five minutes and when i claose my eyes i still see jesus

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