Demetri Martin: youtube videos of Stand Up Comedian Demetri Martin telling jokes

If you haven’t seen Comedian Demetri Martin yet, you are in for a treat.  To me he seems like a cross between Stephen Wright and Jerry Seinfield. A very laidback delivery of one liners and short jokes.  He sometimes uses a chart for visual jokes, a very original and funny approach. Other times he uses his trademark guitar, and plays softly while he delivers his jokes. 

 Here are some youtube videos of some of Demetri Martin’s comic routines

 Demetri Martin Flip Chart Youtube Video

[youtube rcwfdFT1ohE nolink]

 A second youtube video of Demetri Martin Flip Chart Visual jokes Routine, from his Comedy Central performance.

[youtube WGS7Q40Y4KU nolink]

 Demetri Martin Comedy Routine youtube video

[youtube QoCRmfJP9kU nolink]

Another routine, for a benefit:

[youtube 6_mR-Fhnc9o nolink]

 And this is him singing a song that explains where his jokes come from

[youtube _vmK0InZL_s no follow]

4 thoughts on “Demetri Martin: youtube videos of Stand Up Comedian Demetri Martin telling jokes”

  1. Is there a difference between “silly” and “funny”?? Not trying to be a smartass, but there is so much “canned” laughter now days that I wonder why all the laughter is supposedly from the audience, when we sitting here watching are not laughing???

    This is strictly academic and not intended to insult Mr. Martin.

  2. well, you tend to laugh out loud when you see him in person performing live.

    same concept as crowd going ‘wild’ at concerts.

    but u wouldnt do that at home watching youtube, would you?


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