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The first time I saw you,

dancing on that beach,

your dress blowing in the cool evening breeze,

I walked up to you, and looked into your blue diamond eyes.

And deep inside I knew…

couple sunset on beach

You’d be a good shag.

Guess you can’t always trust your intuition. Bummer about the condom. Guess we should get married now, huh?



~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For Our Anniversary.

I always dreamed, one day
I’d meet my true soul mate

rose heart

Then I finally gave up that stupid fantasy
and reluctantly settled for you.

And you know what?
All in all, it hasn’t been
that much worse than I had expected.

And sometimes I even kind love you,
in a platonic, sibling-ish kind of way…

So Anyway, Happy Anniversary.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



I just wanted to say,
From the bottom of my heart
I’m so, so deeply, deeply sorry…

i'm sorry

That I put up with your freaking b.s. so long.

Bye bye.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


There comes a time in every man’s life
when he must choose-

to keep being as a boy-
just living selfishly
for what he wants at the time,

or to finally stand up, take a stand, and say
“Yes. I will commit to this. I will give my best to make this work, and to raise a family and to be a loving husband and father.
I am ready to step into being
the man I can become.”

I have come to that fork in the road.
And there is no turning back…

fork in road

So I left you.
Took off to Vegas with a new car and a new “friend”.
(And you thought I couldn’t make decisions!)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For Our Anniversary…

I love you, just as you are.

big heart

So this coupon for breast implants is only for YOUR self esteem, and only if YOU feel the need to be sexy and attractive to me and other men.

(don’t worry, they were having a sale: Buy one get one free)

You can Thank me AFTER you get them! : )

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On our Anniversary,
Something Special…
I’ve been keeping this a secret, but now, on our anniversary, I’m ready to tell you a big surprise: For the last year, I’ve been saving up and planning a romantic second Honeymoon in the Bahamas!

couple on beach

Unfortunately, the law says I can’t really do that until you and I are divorced. So good luck with everything, and please sign these papers I filed yesterday ASAP.

P.S. She’s really sweet.
She’s just like a younger, funner, less jaded version of you. : )
(Then again, she IS your sister…)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’ll always remember the evening we met.

couple rain

When my eyes saw the most beautiful girl
I’d ever seen. My heart pounding,
I walked up to an angel. I asked her to dance.
She looked at me, with such lovely eyes, smiled, and took my hand. Then she grabbed your hand, put them together, and said “You must be joking. But she probably would.” And that night, through the magic of a thunder storm, my mom’s van and quite a bit of beer, our family was born.



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