Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal System

Nov 3, 2008:  Note: In another post about tattoo removal creams and systems, I compared and contrasted various Tattoo Removal systems, including Wrecking Balm and Tatbgone, among others.  Kelly at WreckingBalm contacted me to say she felt my article didn’t accurately represent Wrecking Balm.  So I invited her to set the record straight here.  Feel free to post your own experience, good or bad, with Wrecking Balm or other tattoo removal systems.

Wrecking Balm® Tattoo Removal System is a unique alternative to laser removal and tattoo fading creams.

Wreckingbalm’s clever redesign differs from other home tattoo removal products, as Wrecking Balm is the only tattoo removal home system that includes FDA approved technology in the form of a hand-held device to safely accelerate the rate of tattoo skin fading and removal.

The hand device is used in combination with both manual and chemical exfoliation to create “cell renewal overdrive” that speeds the rate of new skin cell turnover that then disturbs the inactive cells with tattoo ink.

WreckingBalm’s active ingredients penetrate down into layers of the skin causing a chemical reaction that breaks apart the protective covering surrounding the individual molecules of ink pigment.  Visual tattoo fading begins once the larger ink beads are broken down into smaller particles that lift away with continual skin exfoliation and cell renewal.

Wreckingbalm tattoo removal system is a process without “downtime” delays (i.e. time for skin to heal from open liaisons, burns, or blisters) between treatments.  Wrecking balm is also effect at removing the tattoo pigment colors that lasers are usually are unsuccessful at removing.

WreckingBalm® ingredients include several professional exfoliating agents, finely–milled botanical extracts, natural medicinal oils, peeling extracts, and salicylic acid.

The Wreckingbalm tattoo removal system is quick and easy to use, and takes only a few minutes three to four times per week.  The hand-held device intensives the exfoliating action to gently, but vigorously, remove the surface layers of skin.

With the outer layers of the skin removed, active chemical ingredients can penetrate deeper into the underlying layers, for continual breakdown of permanent ink pigments.  Wreckingbalm ‘s moisture rich skin cream serves to sooth the skin, as well as to actively lighten the appearance of tattoo ink on the surface.

Wreckingbalm tattoo removal system includes the added benefit of a water resistant, smart color correcting concealer that can be used daily to cover unwanted tattoos while completing the fading process, or applied on special occasions for “instant tattoo removal” and visibly tattoo free skin.

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4 thoughts on “Wrecking Balm Tattoo Removal System”

  1. After doing tattoo removal for over 12 years I have yet to see any removal cream work as advertised.In fact– I have seen clients waste their money on this product at best– and usually get scarred in the process. If it did work laser companies and clinics that do laser tattoo removal would not exist.

  2. Patricia, I also work at performing laser tattoo removal on clients for several years. And, like you I found it hard to believe a product could actually work deep enough to remove tattoo ink. Wrecking Balm does truly work. Customers provide feedback of their experience with the this tattoo product. As with all tattoo removal, it is not something that occurs over night, and it does require actually following the instructions and performing the steps. As you know it takes an average of 5 weeks for skin to complete a cycle, so most people begin to see fading after using for 8 weeks. It is very popular for people looking to fade their tattoo before getting a cover up tattoo. But, it does work and it is also great to compliment laser tattoo removal.

  3. Stuff doesn’t work – simple as that. Was told it wouldn’t irritate my skin but it did. Tried it for a month with absolutly no results, my tattoo looks exactly the same. Dont waste your money.

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