Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fading Cream Reviews: Does it work?

Does the Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fading Cream system work? After visiting some different sites and forums where people have commented on and given their reviews, their ratings look like this approximately:  No one claimed it totally faded their tattoo. 60%  said no noticeable fading of their tattoo 20%  said there was some noticeable fading. 20% said there was a lot of fading.  About 35%  said they were pretty happy with the amount of fading they had. (It was enough to cover over with a new tattoo, or with make up.)  Maybe 10% or so, or a third of the ones that were happy with it, said they were really happy with it.  I found myself a bit skeptical of these comments, wondering if they were legit. But maybe they were.

C0nsidering that lazer tattoo removal can easily be $2000-$4000 or more, depending on several factors like tattoo age, color shade, size, type of ink and so forth, for many, using a tattoo removal cream like Wrecking Balm seems worth trying. 

Keep in mind, the Wrecking Balm Tattoo cream removal kit is comprised of things you can get at a drug store- for a lot cheaper.  (the main ingredient in their tattoo removal cream is  1% hydroquinone, a skin whitener. Care must be taken in using it, as it can irritate or even scar the skin).

 I’d like to hear what the experience is of customers who tried Wrecking Balm for fading their tattoo. Did it work for you? how long did it take? how much did you spend? how much did your tattoo fade? 

page topic: Reviews of Wrecking Balm Tattoo Fading Cream. Does it work? your experience?

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  1. First off anyone who is considering trying whiteravns idea, you may as well try using a razorblade of some kind and bactine…if you have a tattoo and it want blank skin again i say good luck, your not even going to get that using laser removal…some people may depending on the factors in it but lets just say majority wont….as other people have stated basicly “think before you ink” i have yet to try wrecking balm though, i am curious if it would lighten up a greyscale piece on my arm enough that i could get it covered though…which that may be the way to go for some people. and to the person saying everyone skin is the same, thats a load of bs. Our skin my be the same genetic make-up etc but everyone is different, someone who tans constantly or even naturally darker skin-tone will take tattoo ink different to someone who is pastey white and has never tanned (id assume removal would be the same as well) ultimately it boils down to we all have to life with the good, or stupid choices we make it life….dont just pick something off a wall or from a book, go to an artist that will work with you on drawing something youll love.

  2. I am a cosmetologist and PERMANENT MAKEUP artist with 10 years experience. I can’t speak with any intelligence about body art but I can say that for permanent makeup wrecking ball did not work. I had a neighbor who paid a someone (else) a grand for ugly, chalky looking burgandy lips that were turning blue. She came to me after trying wrecking ball. It took about a year to fix. Small nail file around the lip line for a few minutes every night (not enough to draw blood just to exfoliate and lightly rough up the top layer of skin) then light grain buffing block on the lip surface. Every day but only for a few minutes. This will force collagen renewal and accelerate cell turn over. But only a little and very slowly. After a year I agreed to re color. Went over it with a color matching the inside of her lip and a bit of corrector to neutralize any hidden blue. Much better. I seriously doubt this would work on the body though as the skin is much thicker and the tattoo is likely deeper. But if you have permanent makeup you hate it’s worth a shot. Just don’t be an idiot and injure yourself. LIGHTLY sand. And Retin A seems to work on lightening eyebrows. But be forewarned the color will become something else, not gone. It will turn lavendar or pink etc. and you will need a qualified artist to neutralize it. I’ve never seen anything fade to gone. If you’re lucky it just fades to lighter.

  3. I tried Tat-Med…the active ingredient is hydroquinone, a skin lightener (got a bit on my towel and it bleached it). But since a tattoo penetrates layers of skin, a topical solution won’t work–and it didn’t. With that said, I’m two sessions into lasering my tattoo off. It hurts and it is expensive–$1,150 for seven treatments on a tattoo that’s not that big. It blisters and you can expect to see the layers of ink “run” off–kinda fun in a gross way. I would suggest that if you’re gonna do laser, do it in the winter if it’s in a visible place because otherwise you’ll have a noticeable burn.

  4. i have a very big tattoo and its dark too,i have been using this product for 1 month,and see great results.it takes time and dedication,but it does really fade.i bought the system at walmart for fifty dollars,so plz dont be discouraged by others comments,its working for me and its only been 1 month,so give it a try.

  5. I’ve been reading all of these comments…my husband is a tattoo artist, so we have access to a lot of information about different products claiming to remove or fade tattoos. I’ve been doing some research, recently, because I have a large tattoo that I don’t “regret”, but wish I would’ve thought more about the placement. I’m a teacher and the piece is large on my chest. It makes dressing a challenge! Anyway, I found a product called rejuvi – it needs to be applied by a tattoo gun, and only takes 2-3 sessions, max. It’s not as painful as laser, and thousands cheaper. it may be well worth it to find someone who would do this treatment! It’s 100% successful and the rate of scarring is only 6% – 100% preventable by the technique of the application! It’s a gel that gets tattooed into the existing tattoo – on any color – it binds with the tattoo ink and forms a scab when the ink comes to the surface. It takes about 7-14 days and then 2-3 months after the redness goes away so you can see if there are any areas that need another treatment. It sounds very promising! I might have my husband get trained to apply it so we can offer it as a service! I hope you all find success in the methods you decide to try!

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