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Pomeranian Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Pomeranian Dog breed

Cute Pomeranian Puppy The Pomeranian is one of the best small dog breeds on earth in terms of friendliness and intelligence. These qualities along are enough to make the Pomeranian a perfect house pet. There is much more to the Pomeranian, though. They are not only friendly and smart, but they have a beautiful appearance and a coat that is unique.

The average Pomeranian weighs between three and seven pounds, depending on how much it exercises and how it is fed. This makes it one of the smallest dog breeds available. Make no mistake about this dog, though. It has enough spunk to pack a much larger package. It’s a dog that thrives on lots of attention and it will spare nothing to get that attention.

Pomeranians are not afraid to take on much larger dogs and they are not generally afraid of humans. Instead, they love interaction with different dogs and they will not hesitate to bark loudly if something threatens the household. They are not much of an attack dog, but the Pomeranian is a great watch dog. They have the ability to be friendly with other animals, as long as they are socialized properly in their youth. If they aren’t socialized, they can become very loud and obnoxious each time a different dog comes within sight.

There’s a thin line that owners of Pomeranian puppies must walk, though. The puppy’s penchant for barking can make it an effective watchdog for a family, but without the proper training, this skill can become extremely misguided. The Pomeranian features a loud, shrieking bark that can be heard from far away. Without effective training, they are known to simply bark for the sake of hearing themselves bark.

The Pomeranian is an effective dog in both a country and city setting. It adjusts well to living in a small space such as an apartment, but can also function with lots of open spaces. This versatility is one of the reasons why the breed has become so popular.

There are some common health problems associated with the Pomeranian. More than almost any other small breed, the Pomeranian can fall victim to heart problems. Early and sustained heartworm treatment is a must and this puppy will need many trips to the veterinarian at a young age.