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Funny lables and Food package bloopers



Diet Water

Diet Water

Half the fat and calories of regular water! *contains artificial water flavoring”



“This tea is really best for the person with fatty belly”

Sent in by Luc M



From a Japanese breakfast pastry package:

Through years of experience,
Doutor Danish is produced from the finest
materials to create a happy time on tables.



On a pack of Japanese rice tea cakes:

Burning politely, one by one,
these cakes send deliciousness to you.



On a Japanese bread wrapper:

Take me home, let’s make happy in your basket!



On the wrapper of a brand of tea cookies:

This is natural deliciousness given from warm solar light and a rich field. Attach it to time of your wonderful tea. Please ear it on the tea time of afternoon.



From the packaging of a Japanese brand of coffee:

Black coffee has great features which other coffees have never had: Non-sugar.



From the packaging of a Chinese brand of medicine.

Expiration date: 2 years



On a bottle of Chinese medicine.

Known to cure itching, colds, stomachs, brains,
and other diseases.



From instructions on a Japanese medicine bottle.

Adults: 1 tablet 3 times a day until passing away.



On the packaging of Japanese candy:

Its translucent color so alluring and its taste and aroma so gentle and mellow offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady. Enjoy soft and juicy Kasugai Muscat Gummy.



From an eel pie box:

VSOP eel pies for a “midnight treat”….
Wrapped in the luxurious aroma of high class
brandy and the flavour of Macedonia, The King of Nuts-
-here is a top quality pie that reaches the height of
perfection in eel pies, a specialty from Lake Hamana
To join you in your dream-enriched world



On a package of dry tea biscuits:

A drink’s too wet without one.



On a pack of gum:

Triple Combination Hi Tech chewing gum



On a sports drink bottle:

Pocari Sweat Refreshment water



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