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Bloodhound Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Bloodhound Dog breed

Cute Bloodhound Puppy As one of the oldest standing breeds known to man, the Bloodhound has a strong heritage and history as a loyal hunting companion. Bloodhound puppies are attractive physically, but it is their work ethic and personality that is likely to make a person fall in love. They have a strong focus that is directed at work. Bloodhounds were originally used in England to hunt, but their primary skill is in tracking. They have a strong nose that is used for tracking.

Like with the Beagle, Bloodhound puppies can often find themselves in trouble because they follow such a strong nose. Often times, that nose can lead to things which they shouldn’t eat and should not mess with. Because of this, strong training should be employed in order to break some of the potentially bad habits.

Bloodhound puppies are not the most outgoing dogs in the world, so they are a little bit better suited for folks who don’t like “high maintenance” dogs. Instead, they are shy and they like to keep to themselves. It’s not that they hate people. They are simply scared of certain folks. This can cause Bloodhound puppies to be wary of strangers. After a while, they will warm up to people, though. Their loyalty is fierce, so when they do give affection, they mean it.

Though Bloodhound puppies are likely to kill small animals and small game birds, they do very well with children and other dogs. If socialized properly at a young age, Bloodhound puppies can function very well with large and small dogs. They are fairly tolerant of children, even those that are a little bit rough. In short, it seems that they have an understanding of their surroundings at all times.

Bloodhound puppies are intelligent and can be trained easily. It does take a little bit of time and effort, though. With a combination of these two things, Bloodhound puppies can become a very rewarding pet. They are better suited for a person who has a large yard for the dog to roam around in. They do not do well in apartment or small home settings.