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Australian Shepherd Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the Australian Shepherd Dog breed

Cute Australian Shephed Puppy Australian Shepherd puppies are noted mostly for their physical beauty. With a large, varied coat and wonderfully colored eyes, these dogs seem to have a little bit of soul that comes with them. The Australian Shepherd isn’t just something to look at, though. This breed is largely intelligent and it thrives on being able to compete and work. It loves to complete a task and doesn’t take kindly to being idle.

The Australian Shepherd, in its most basic form, is a herding dog. That’s not only its classification for the American Kennel Club, but it is also what the dog will attempt to do at every turn. It will look to herd your children out the door and it will move you if it feels necessary. This might become annoying at times, but it is this tireless nature that makes the breed what it is.

Australian Shepherd puppies are wonderful companions that learn things at a young age. There have the ability to help with many different tasks and training can be easier than with other dog breeds. They do like activity, meaning that families should be prepared to give lots of exercise to their puppy.

For families with children, the Australian Shepherd is a good option. As a puppy, it is small enough that it does not pose any immediate danger to young children. Though the Australian Shepherd can grow to be as large as 65 pounds, its progression is somewhat gradual. It’s a loving animal that is extremely understanding of children and can serve as something of a caretaker. Simply put, it will look to protect those who protect it.

The Australian Shepherd puppy won’t be especially friendly to strangers until it discovers what the person is like. Once it makes a determination that the imposing stranger is alright, this puppy will be more friendly. Still, its loyalty clearly likes with its owners and its home.

This breed has been hit by many different health problems. One common thing that many Australian Shepherds experience is blindness. As the puppies grow into elderly status, they can become both deaf and blind, making them quite a burden on a family. Still, they provide enough companionship in their younger years to make it well worth the risk.