The Top 10 Liberal Blogs and Sites: Best Liberal Blogs

Here is a list we’ve put together of the top 10 Best Liberal Blogs and sites on the web.

For those that swing slightly (or more than slightly) to the left, reading material is never too far away. Liberal blogs are popping up each and every day, but there are a few that have set the standard by which all other liberal blogs must play. Here is our assessment of the top 10 liberal blogs on the net, with each of them bringing their own particular flavor to the table. Agree? Disagree? Want to mention some you think should have made the list? Some that shouldn’t have?


Standing tall atop the list of liberal blogs and sites is Part blogfest, part newspaper (well, without the paper) this is one site that does it all – from news clippings, to videos, to lots of bloggers both famous and not so famous. If it happened an hour ago, it’s probably already on the Huffington Post, along with some blog posts about it and a few thousand comments.


The popular left-handed blog, is updated often and it brings some excellent political insight to the table. This is an information-rich blog, but it also has its share of humor. Another thing helping this blog is the active community which brings the site to life.


The interesting thing about is the mass of political news that it brings forth. Visitors come to take advantage of the constantly updated political news wire, which includes news from almost every major news site on the internet.


Like so many of the new blogs that are popping up today, is a liberal blog that also features an interesting radio show. This blog seems to enjoy its role as one of the funny commentators on the American political system and it does not take itself too seriously. All of that combines for some interesting reading, as well as a mass of news worth coming back for.

5. The Blue Voice

If you are looking for a more traditional “blog” in the sense of simplicity, then is the place for you. This site doesn’t feature all of the trappings that you’ll find at blogs with more funding, but it does get to the heart of what blogging is all about. The blog is opinionated, interesting, and occasionally funny.

6. Grouchy’s Liberaltopia

The website, has some very cool features, including running counts on the Iraq war cost and constant George W. Bush jokes. This blog brings forth a lot of humor, but it also takes a serious tone when dealing with some of the latest news clippings. This blog seems to take on the personality of its author.

7. Mother Jones

The combined blogs at bring a serious, journalistic tone to the blogging world. These guys think they are the voice of reason and their goal is to hold all politicians to a level of accountability. The blog is a wonderful trip into the harsh reality of the political world.


This blog thinks it’s funny, and does a pretty good job of that. It has a number of different bloggers, so there are fresh perspectives all over the place. There, you can be a part of a community of readers that’s very active.


Http:// always brings a number of funny, witty posts each day. Some are funnier and more insightful than others, but they all combine to make up one of the most comprehensive liberal blogs on the net. The blog’s author, John Avorosis, can take both a journalistic approach and a funny slant on the stories.


If you want a blog that’s a little angrier than others, is a good place to start. What’s better, they have a lot of Photoshop expertise that comes in handy.

That’s our list of the top 10 liberal blogs. Who did we miss? Who doesn’t belong? Your thoughts?

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