Senator Ted Kennedy Endorses Obama

It’s Official: Senator Ted Kennedy Is Endorsing Obama for President

Senator Ted Kennedy is endorsing Barack Obama for President. This comes at a crucial time, about 10 days before Super Tuesday, Feb. 5.    The senator appeared with Obama and Kennedy’s niece, Caroline Kennedy- John F. Kennedy’s daughter, at a morning rally at American University in Washington, where Senator Kennedy announced his support.

This is a boost to the Obama campaign, although how much of a boost remains to be seen.  It is particularly noteworthy because Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton are considered to be friends, who at times have spent time with their families together.

Kennedy believes that Obama can rise above race, and bring unity to the country.  In addition, Kennedy was impressed that Obama dared to be involved with immigration reform last year- a topic the other candidates steered far clear of.

Representative Bill Delahunt, who is also supporting Obama, said “The America of Jack and Bobby Kennedy touched all of us. Through all of these decades, the one who kept the flame alive was Ted Kennedy. So having him pass on the torch is of incredible significance. It’s historic.”

Kennedy will be actively campaigning for Obama according to an aide, and will attempt to bring in more Hispanics and union members in some of the key states of super Tuesday.

Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama comes just a couple of days after Caroline Kennedy’s powerful endorsement, in which she said Obama is the first presidential candidate who can inspire the nation the way her father did.

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  1. I think that Obama could possibly have what it takes to shake this country up in a good way. I am a white woman from the deep south, and I think most white men from the south ( and some women) would vote McCaine just because Obama is black, not because they think McCaine will be the better leader, but because they would rather die than see a black man as president. Prejudice is still rampant down here, whether people want to admit it or not. I truly hope Obama wins, but this isnt something i could share with my immediate family. But I personnaly would rather see a black man as president before a woman of any race sitting in as president.

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