Sarah Palin Interview with Charlie Gibson on ABC- Transcript of edited out parts.

Here is the transcript of edited out parts of Governor Sarah Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson.  The network edited out parts of the interview, but we were able to get our hands on the transcript through an intern that works in ABC news.

Governor Palin, many have questioned whether your experience truly qualifies you to handle the international issues which any President must be prepared to face. Can you look the American people in the eye and say that you are ready?

Well Charlie, I’ve had a passport- and they are used to travel internationally- for several months now. Did you know Charlie that they stamp those things when you go to a another country? I have 2 stamps already, Charlie, and I think if you get 10 stamps you get like a free sandwhich at the airport Subway. Also I have international experience because of oil, Charlie. I change the oil myself in my Honda, Charlie, which is an international company, made in North Korea. Thank you Charlie. God bless you Charlie and God bless the United States of America.

Um, we aren’t finished yet, Governor. We just started. Governor Palin, how has Alaska’s proximity to Russia helped prepare you for handling international crisis in the White House?

Charlie, Just a month ago I was up north on a boat shooting polar bears that were swimming around in the ocean where the ice used to be, Charlie, and we accidentally went into Russian waters. Those red bastards had the nerve to send the coast guard to escort us back to our own waters. So I’ve already experienced first hand a naval conflict with Russia. And I can’t wait to show the commie bastards who the hell is boss of the world when Gramps McCain hands me the reins, which let’s be honest, won’t be long Charlie.

What do you think about the Bush Doctrine?


Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine?

Speak English Charlie, English for God’s sake.

The Bush Doctrine? Ring a bell?

Charlie, I do agree with the Bush doctrine and if I’m President- I mean Vice President- I will continue to agree with the Bush doctrine more than most doctrine’s, and let me just add that the Obama doctrine is ridiculous, absolutely false, Charlie, and while there have been mistakes Charlie, of all the doctrine’s I’m familiar with, and since Alaska is so close to Russia Charlie believe me I’m familiar with a lot of them Charlie, I feel the Bush doctrine is certainly one of the ones that make me proud to be an American every day and go out hunting and watching NASCAR with my five wonderful children, Charlie.

Governor Palin, some critics have expressed outrage over your strong support of and enjoyment of the aerial hunting of wolves and other animals. Do you think it’s cruel to shoot wolves from the air for sport?

Well, Charlie, you know, those wolves have to live in a cold barren land and we are putting them out of their misery. We are doing them a favor. And that’s the kind of friend my administration- I mean OUR administration, at first, Charlie, that’s the kind of friend our administration will be towards our neighbors and other countries, to help make this world a better, safer, more American place Charlie.

A final question Governor Palin. You support Creationism. Do you believe there were dinosaurs walking around 3000 years ago, and that no animals have ever evolved from related species?

Charlie, I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER once denied not asserting my assertion that there have never been once in all of my weeks as governor, Charlie, of the great and beautiful and strong and oil rich state of Alaska, the state closest to Russia and the state with the most natural resources of all 50 great states of this great country, Charlie, and so–

Governor I’m a little lost in your blizzard of words there–

No one knows more about blizzards than I do Charlie. I have far more blizzard experience than Obama ever had or ever will have Charlie, and let me just finish my answer Charlie. I have never once banned any books or forced anyone to ban any books and I absolutely completely support that continuation of education both at home and in schools because that’s what helps our children learn- education. Nothing helps our children learn more than learning, Charlie. And I feel very strongly about that and will continue to support that when I am President- I mean Vice President Charlie. Thank you and God bless you and God bless America.

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  1. I have a question, not a comment. Are the two transcripts, this one and the one with Katie Couric, authentic? Or is there some humorist who is very good at piecing together fragments. Sarah Palin’s responses are so frenzied it’s impossible to take them – or her – seriously. Honestly – is this true?

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